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Ali Khan and KNect365 Generate $140,000 (5x ROI) in Registrations with Feathr

We just published a new case study about Ali Khan and KNect365.

It's a unique case because Ali is a super-savvy digital marketing manager who has a very advanced marketing and analytics setup at KNect365 (more details about his setup in the case study).

That means he had years of performance benchmarks from other tools to compare with Feathr.

Ali really put Feathr to the test, comparing its performance for four events in 2016 to other tools and... Feathr performed twice as strong.

Read the Full KNect365 Story.

Abhay Khurana
Head of Growth at Feathr. You can generally find me at my desk, wearing two sweaters, listening to World music, tabbing between soccer sites, optimizing and running Feathr's customer service.