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Feathr might be known for growing some of the biggest events in the world, but the success still comes rolling in when we scale it back, too. Read on for insight on how Feathr performs for a small association with a small event and BIG ambition. 

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The National Association of Broadcasters has a big show full of the latest broadcasting gadgets...it's a dream for gearheads, techies, and anyone who wants to learn more about broadcasting. Like any successful show, NAB's goal is to continue being successful. And that means growth. Good thing NAB has Feathr. Let's check out how they used Feathr to keep building their exciting show.

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Having proven that Feathr's platform worked wonders to grow its show in 2017, National Confectioners Association set out to smash its impressive record for 2018's show. Continue reading to find out how they did.

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Show me a successful company and I'll show you a company that loves to brag about what their customers accomplish. Feathr may be a little eccentric sometimes, but we're no different in that regard. Helping our customers succeed is what we live for. 

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SME's success using Feathr is now available as a free downloadable case study.

SME, formerly known as the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, puts on a lot of great events. The manufacturing industry is bustling and SME’s trade shows are always packed with the latest in manufacturing technology. But SME did not have the latest in digital audience reach. Understanding that they could do more with data, SME’s Amanda and Patti looked to Feathr to meet the goals they had for their 2017 events. For their big EASTEC show, Amanda and Patti needed to expand their audience to people who had never been in contact with SME or attended EASTEC. Using Feathr, they got what they aimed for. And much more.

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Jennifer Yarber, Marketing Director for HD Expo, had a strong pulse on her event. She saw that the best performing acquisition channel was exhibitor referrals. But she could see that referrals still had plenty of room for improvement.

HD Expo’s referral program began as paper postcard invites, but now, a decade and half into the 21st century, people are not responding to direct mail as once before.

Not only that, traditional referral marketing programs are cumbersome for organizers to manage and a headache for exhibitors to use.

“Share these paper passes? Upload my valuable list of email addresses for you to email?” No thanks.

Jennifer needed a better way to generate referrals for HD expo.

“How do we remove friction to encourage exhibitors to invite their audiences to attend HD Expo? And, how do we track the path to attendee conversion?”

This was the essence of Jennifer's problem.

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Today more than 1000 events and associations like UBM, Emerald Expositions, CES, and NAB use Feathr to create attendee acquisition, partner referral, and digital sponsorship campaigns that actually work.

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