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Your members should be your highest priority. With more members, your association gathers more support as well as opportunities to network and share knowledge. People join associations to interact with others in the same professional field or with similar interests, so you should be actively engaging as many members as you can.

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As you plan your association's next big event, think about your last one. How did your attendance turn out? How many registrations went through? Did your event engage your members?

If any of these questions have less-than-favorable answers, it may be time to reevaluate your strategy so you can boost attendance and successfully promote your next event. Hosting in-person events is a great way to keep members engaged, but only if you build an experience that’s valuable and memorable to them.

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The ever increasing saturation of the channels we use to communicate through is making it more difficult than ever to stand out.

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The ever increasing saturation of the channels we use to communicate through is making it more difficult than ever to stand out.

Open rates, click rates, conversion rates – all more difficult than ever to keep up.

Savvy event marketers differentiate their marketing to stand out from the noise and solve this problem

That means delivering more relevant communication to the right people at the right time. And that all begins with automated segmentation.

Watch Feathr Chief Customer Officer Abhay Khurana's webinar to learn about:

  • Misconceptions about segmentation you should be aware of
  • The simple audience data you should be using to create segments with
  • 5 key audience segments you can start with today

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Digital metrics and analytics are the foundation for digital success. But the metrics world is confusing and there are literally thousands of digital metrics to choose from. Which ones are right for you?

And, more importantly, how can you get started easily so that you can get back to focusing on what matters - growing and improving your event.

Join Aleksander, CEO and Co-founder of Feathr, for a thorough look at the world of digital metrics and analytics - all from the perspective of an event professional.

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