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On Friday August 4, Feathr held another education and discussion event in the Feathr Live series, this time in the Big Apple. Feathr Live is a chance for progressive event and association industry leaders to gather and grasp the major changes occurring in our industry. Feathr hosts these intimate roundtable discussions several times a year to talk tech, data, and the future. The August 2017 event was Feathr’s first in New York, but will not be its last.

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Last Wednesday, Feathr hosted another Feathr Live event, the second in a series of in-person discussions with event industry leaders about personalization, data, and the future of live events. Held in Dallas at the headquarters of Feathr’s newest strategic partner, Freeman, Feathr Live brought in a group of Dallas-area event pros and association leaders who were eager to learn and discuss the rapid evolution of their industry.

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Photo credit: Transform USA

Feathr President and Co-Founder Aidan Augustin, along with new VP of Sales Heather Holst-Knudsen, traveled to Washington D.C. last week to attend the inaugural Transform USA. Transform is a conference for senior leaders in the event space who are responsible for digital development, and Feathr was a proud sponsor of the event. The one-day event brought together an influential event industry group for education, networking, and thought-provoking discussion.

Transform’s theme was “data, analytics, and digital in events,” a topic Feathr knows a thing or two about. We’ve been excited to watch the event industry join us on the message we’ve been preaching for years: the future of event growth is in data and personalization. Better utilized data means a better experience for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. The presentations from industry leaders at Transform reflected this attitude. Here are some of our key takeaways from the event:

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Ever wished you could clone yourself and get more done? Although you can’t (yet), the good news is you can use cloning in your digital marketing to quickly expand your reach and target new event audiences.

But what does that mean, exactly? I’m talking about a marketing technology known as lookalike modeling. Lookalike modeling is a simple and efficient way of broadening your digital marketing reach with little risk. In this post, I’ll explain lookalike modeling and how you can use it to target new audiences for your events.

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So, how is your event doing with digital?

“Umm, yea, you know...”

Yea, we do know. It's a tough question for most event organizers to answer.

And it makes sense that it would be. You have so many other responsibilities to handle to make your event successful. That’s why even the most progressive event organizers from the largest event companies in the world are generally unable to answer that question.

But tracking and measuring the digital analytics of your event is absolutely critical. Digital is eating the world and whether you are ready or not, the success of your event is becoming more and more dependent on its digital presence, marketing, and monetization.

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Referral marketing is an acquisition channel with huge potential for events.

The idea is fairly straightforward, leverage the networks of your exhibitors, speakers, and existing attendees to get new attendees. But the implementation isn't always so easy.

How do you get attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to actually participate? And how can you reliably track the amount of registrations each sends?

Join Aidan, President and Co-founder of Feathr, for a deep dive into the world of referral marketing with an emphasis on technology that has made running these programs more effective than ever.

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Feathr empowers event organizers to easily create personalized event experiences through data, insights and communication. Feathr’s proprietary platform provides a comprehensive single customer view for event organizers of customer/prospect profiles and behavior, enabling users to directly act on the insights received within the platform for powerful results. Feathr has powered more than 750 events worldwide to create personalized event experiences for leading organizers including UBM, Emerald Expositions, CES, NAB, and many more.

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