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You know that warm fuzzy feeling when someone says a kind word about the events you work tirelessly to organize and promote? It’s nice to know that someone noticed, right? That kind of feedback isn’t just good for your soul, it’s also good for business. Especially when your fans are willing to tell others.

Now, don't you wish you could bottle up that kind of goodwill and use it to grow attendance and offer more value to your partners? This article will show you that you can. Keep reading to learn how.

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https://www.feathr.co/guides/modern-marketing-toolkitWelcome to the second installment of Marketing Multipliers, where we show you how digital marketing tools are not only effective on their own, but how results are multiplied when you stack them together in the same campaign. It's like teamwork for your tools. Today we’re talking about partner invites programs, and how they play nice with retargeting campaigns. If boosting attendance and earning new audiences is important to your event goals (and we’re pretty sure it is), keep reading for some tips that will help you do your best marketing ever.

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