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We still call ourselves a startup, but the truth is we’ve got plenty of experience points under our belts here at Feathr. In the past three years, despite pivots and two cross-country moves, we’ve worked with over a thousand events. In the process, we’ve learned that there are two ways to approach trade shows, expos, and conferences.

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Face-to-face events are here to stay. But the growth of the industries that organize events is under siege from all sides. Alternatives to events are increasing, and satisfaction of attendees, sponsors, and vendors is flagging. In short, the industry needs a booster shot, and personalization through data is the answer. Read more to view the webinar recording below.

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Feathr empowers event organizers to easily create personalized event experiences through data, insights and communication. Feathr’s proprietary platform provides a comprehensive single customer view for event organizers of customer/prospect profiles and behavior, enabling users to directly act on the insights received within the platform for powerful results. Feathr has powered more than 750 events worldwide to create personalized event experiences for leading organizers including UBM, Emerald Expositions, CES, NAB, and many more.

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