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Get Started With Feathr Today

Get on a personalized call with a digital marketing specialist where you'll:

  • Get a bird's-eye view of Feathr's key features and services
  • Discuss your business needs and pain points
  • Hear about use cases and success stories from your industry
  • Tell us about your goals so we can create a custom campaign plan for you to share with your team


"We have had an excellent experience with both the product and the success team from Feathr."
Penelope Freire, CMP, DES
Meetings and Exhibits Manager, ACMG

Infinity-Loop2x.png Common Questions

How long does it take to get setup?

You can get setup and running with Feathr in less than a day.

Does Feathr integrate with other tools I use?

We integrate with a variety of registration vendors (to track registrants and their data) and exhibitor tools (to sync exhibitor data that is used in Influencer Marketing). We build out new integrations based upon customer requests – so let our Sales team know what systems you would like us to integrate with!

How is Feathr different from Google Adwords, AdRoll, or other retargeting platforms?

In a word: reach. Feathr integrates with more than 85 ad exchanges, getting you access to 95% of brand-safe websites. That means that your ads follow your audience more places online and drive more registrations. We further extend your reach through retargeting on Facebook and have custom campaign settings that boost performance for events.

What kind of support does Feathr provide?

Every Feathr customer is supported by a dedicated Customer Success Manager who provides strategic consultation and best practices to ensure you get the most value out of Feathr. We also provide live trainings, in-app chat support, and comprehensive product documentation.

How does Feathr comply with GDPR and other data regulations?

Feathr’s Privacy Portal offers our customers all the tools and information they need about Feathr’s GDPR compliance. The Privacy Portal is also the place to send any data subject requests related to data collected by the Feathr platform on behalf of your organization. We do the GDPR worrying for our customers.

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