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4 Reasons Why Feathr + Freeman = Better Events


Feathr is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Freeman, the world’s leading provider of brand experiences. Freeman has been an early Feathr supporter and two-time investor. Now the company is demonstrating even more confidence in Feathr’s results by offering our product to its customers as part of the Freeman Digital Marketing Services solution. Here are four reasons why that’s great news for events:


Get ready to hear that word on the lips of every event professional soon. Feathr is betting on personalization as the future of events and brand experiences, and Freeman is in on it. Events are more efficient, promising, educational, and more downright fun when attendees can maximize their personal experience before, during, and afterwards. Feathr’s Personalization Platform makes that happen, and Freeman’s network makes it happenmore.


In this case,experiencehas a double meaning. Freeman has them both. For years, Freeman has been established as the leader in brand experience. Until this year, Feathr has focused mainly (but not exclusively) on growing event brands through personalized marketing channels. Our updated mission is to personalize the live experience itself. The expertise of Freeman combined with Feathr’s technology are the best tools to accomplish that.


While Feathr’s partnership with Freeman expands our reach to Freeman’s customers, what this means is more event pros having a larger and better quality reach to their audiences. Not only growing their audiences, but growing in the right direction is paramount to success.


The Freeman reputation is sterling; the company has been growing brands for over 90 years. Feathr’s reputation is pretty darn good too, even if we do say so ourselves: 900 + events and four major industry awards speak to that.

The two companies have a years-long working relationship, so the official partnership is a natural outcome and not just a PR milestone. Both Freeman and Feathr customers will get the service they’ve come to expect, with the added benefits of deeper personalization, better brand experience, and further reach.