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Getting in Shape for GDPR  

A Feathr Webinar replay

GDPR. Those four little letters that have caused consternation, confusion, and downright fear in marketers and analysts since the EU announced the new regulations. Enforcement of GDPR begins May 25, 2018, and Feathr's co-founder and CEO Aleksander Levental wants you to be prepared, informed, and at peace. 

Watch the replay of our webinar, Getting in Shape for GDPR, to learn:

  • What GDPR is, and what it isn't
  • How the new regulations affect businesses in both the EU and the US
  • Why GDPR isn't as worrisome for marketers as it seems
  • What Feathr is doing for its customers, and why you should expect the same from your other data partners
  • And a lot more.

Download a PDF of the complete presentation here.