Audience engagement software built exclusively for events and associations

Acquire new members and attendees, turn exhibitors into advocates, and generate new digital revenue. All from one powerful tool.

Get a complete view of your audience

Set the foundation for successful audience engagement by clearly understanding
who you are engaging with and how they want to be engaged.

Super Pixel
Automatically capture 25+ behavioral data points any time someone visits one of your digital properties.
Key Integrations
Send custom data to Feathr from data sources that you rely on – like Registration and your CMS.

Create key audience segments

Our segmentation engine lets you segment your audience based on behavior and attribute data.

Robust Filters
Easily create powerful, multi-component filters that narrow your audience down to just the group that is relevant for a planned campaign.
Save any set of filters as an auto-updating Segment that you can track and engage over time.

Launch personalized, multi-channel campaigns

Drive conversions and engagement by reaching the right segment of your audience
with the right message, at the right place, and at the right time.

Display Advertising
Turn visitors into conversions with intelligent ads that automatically display on popular mobile and desktop websites.
Facebook Campaigns
Acquire new audiences and engage existing ones with targeted Facebook ads you can launch in minutes.

Turn partners into your most important source of referrals

Our partner referral tools help you turn passive speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors into vibrant advocates.

Referral Pages
Create and share personalized landing pages with every partner in just a few clicks.
Partner Analytics
Track the performance of each partner. Reward the partners who participate and send reminders to the ones who haven't yet.

Generate sponsorship revenue outside of the square foot

Create new revenue by creating and selling valuable, trackable digital sponsorships.

Sponsored Retargeting
Give sponsors the opportunity to show their ads to your audience anywhere online.
Partner Dashboard
Give your team the tools to easily track and share the performance of sponsored campaigns.

Engage your audience with Feathr

Book a meeting with a Product Specialist and see for yourself what the only audience growth and monetization software built for professionals like you can do.

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"Working with Feathr has been a wonderful experience. Their approach is not cookie-cutter “one-size fits all." The actual Feathr toolkit is easy to use and powerful.”
Co-founder, Changeville