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Create new revenue streams with Feathr Monetization

Our tools make it easy to build, sell and fulfill modern digital sponsorships that bring in new revenue and keep sponsors coming back for more.

Sell digital packages that sponsors will be excited to buy


Sponsored Retargeting
Let sponsors access your audience all year round with powerful advertising. 

Broad Digital Exposure
Provide reliable opportunities to retarget your audience across 95% of the consumer web.

Help sponsors get their message in front of more people with cross-device and multi-channel retargeting.

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Estimate Your ROI from Sponsored Retargeting

Try our Monetization ROI calculator tool to get a personalized estimate of how much Feathr's Monetization could earn for your next event.

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Keep sponsors in the loop with real-time reporting


Sponsor Dashboards
Give sponsors an easy way to view details about the sponsorship packages they’ve purchased.

Live Campaign Reports
Continuously prove the value of your sponsorships with real-time reporting and analytics.

Strapped for time or resources?

We'll help you sell and manage your digital sponsorships.

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See quicker results with tools that make it easy


Easy Setup
Build customized packages and launch campaigns for sponsors in just a few clicks.

Sales Enablement
We'll help you pick the right price points and give your sales team the resources and knowledge to succeed.


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Digitize your referral marketing with beautiful collateral you can create, customize and share at scale.

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Grow and convert your audience with powerful ads designed to drive people back to your site.

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