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Introducing Campaign Spend and ROI Data Features

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Feb 3, 2016

Today we're releasing real-time Campaign Spend and ROI Data. That means even more insight into the performance of the campaigns you are running with Feathr, so you can measure the effect of changes to targeted audiences, campaign timing, and messaging.

How to see your spend and ROI data in Feathr

If you just want to take a quick glance, click the downward arrow on the campaign dashboard within your event or partner. You'll see this quick spend chart to give you an idea of how the campaign is progressing.


Spend Campaign Dashboard Campaign Dashboard View


If you want a more in-depth view to see things like CPA and ROI, click the campaign details button. On the campaign details page you'll see more descriptive ROI information.


Spend Campaign Details Campaign Details View

 We've been using our own attribution model to give you a clear picture of performance from the campaigns you run with us from the beginning. Now that we can tie real-time spend data to each impression, campaign, and conversion - we can give you even more insight into how best to grow your event or promote your sponsors.

Spend data is live in the product now, so be to sure to login and check it out if you haven't been inside the app recently.

We're always looking to improve our reporting, so if you have any suggestions about how else you'd like to see Spend and ROI visualized and integrated, please shoot me a message at aleksander@feathr.co


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