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Tried-and-True Digital Marketing Ideas to Kick Off 2022

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Jan 19, 2022

We’d like to give a big shout-out to our amazing customers who were featured last year in ASAE’s Associations Now, a publication that covers all aspects of association leadership and operations. 

Throughout 2021, Associations Now highlighted organizations that have used Feathr to grow membership, event attendance, virtual programs, advocacy campaigns, and more.

If you’re already using Feathr and need a little inspo, sift through the stories below for ideas to grow your organization in 2022! Or if you’re on the hunt for a digital marketing platform, learn why so many organizations trust Feathr to expand their audiences and drive revenue. 

1. How One Pharmacist Association Gave Its Membership Numbers a Booster Shot

California Pharmacists Association earned more than 100 new members and $32,000 in revenue with email mapping and geofencing. 

2. Marketing That Works While You Sleep

Texas Society of Association Executives used retargeting to drive event attendance, boost web traffic, and impress board members.

3. Big Ideas Don't Have to Be Shut Down by Limited Resources

International Association of Exhibitions and Events leveraged Feathr to stay engaged with members and site visitors in the midst of the pandemic.

4. Using Simple Tech to Keep the World’s Problem-Solvers Connected

Nonprofit manufacturing association SME created automated digital marketing funnels to drive industry participation in key virtual events.

5. How This Marketing Pro Is Growing Revenue – and Excitement – for Her Association

ATPE used Feathr to drive educators to their site, which offered tons of resources to help teachers navigate changing regulations and guidelines due to COVID-19. 

6. How the Right Tech Helped Drive Conference Revenue for This Association

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry sold multiple sponsored retargeting packages to make up for lost revenue when events got canceled.

7. Associations Need a Partner That Knows What's Coming Around the Corner

Material handling and logistics association MHI switched from Google Ads to Feathr and saw conversion rates from their marketing campaigns skyrocket.

8. To Make Smart Marketing Decisions, You Need a Tool That Gives You Reliable Data

Raybourn Group International used Feathr to drive 49 event registrations and $11k in ROI for one client, and then immediately began using it for all their other clients.

9. How to Keep Your Virtual Event Sponsors Happy and Coming Back for More

New Jersey Society of Public Accountants sold sponsored retargeting packages that resulted in more than $30,000 in total sales and 10 out of 11 partners re-upping for more.

10. How to Get an Easy Win in Digital Marketing

Chris Gloede, chief consultant for Ricochet, advises new digital marketers to dip their toes in with an affordable and user-friendly platform like Feathr.

The Simple Platform That Drives This Association’s Ability to Serve Its Members and Grow Its Revenue

United Motorcoach Association used Feathr to revitalize its dues-based revenue stream in 2021 after waiving dues in 2020 to help members hit hard by Covid.

How a Canceled Event Led to a New Revenue Stream for One Nimble Organization

The Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting saw 629% ROI from selling sponsored retargeting packages after canceling their annual meeting in 2020.

Are you a Feathr user with a success story to share? Reach out to julie.matheney@feathr.co if you'd like to be our next featured customer!

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