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Informa's KNect365 secures $140k in ticket sales with Feathr


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Oct 16, 2017


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KNect365 has the reputation of being a particularly progressive unit, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of event management, marketing, and analytics through use of technology. Ali Khan, digital marketing manager of KNect365, is in the driver’s seat catalyzing change and digital innovation.

Khan has always been a proponent of investing in analytics and marketing technology like Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, AdRoll, Twitter, Exponential, and others that he uses for branding, lead generation, and attendee acquisition. Having become an expert in realizing returns through these mediums, it is no coincidence that his division is a top performer.

But Khan is not complacent. Vetting new marketing technology and ways to drive leads and registration are always at the front of his mind. So when Feathr got in touch, he was intrigued.

Examples of ads for KNect365's events

Objective: Lead generation

The partnership seemed to be perfectly aligned. KNect365 started with twelve events, the first four of which were DIPMF (Dubai Project International Project Management forum), HR Summit and Expo, Agra Innovate, Education Exchange.

Khan began by setting up Feathr’s Super Pixel and intelligently segmenting his audience by behavior and interests, allowing him to target each segment with display advertising relevant to them. Once his lead generation campaigns were launched, the results were surprising.

The results

Results started rolling in and Khan was enthused. His campaigns in Feathr were converting to leads at an 18% conversion rate. His best performing campaigns on other channels were converting at half the rate.

Although converting site visitors to leads was the primary goal of his campaigns, tracking through to revenue is ultimately a sign of performance. Overall, Informa spent $28,000 on advertising through Feathr. Their return? $140,000 — a full 5x ROAS.

Khan quickly realized that the performance and quality of Feathr campaigns was significantly better, and that for 2017 his budget should be reallocated to leverage Feathr for all events.

Today, KNect365 is expanding its usage of Feathr to the entire portfolio, including twenty-six conferences and hundreds of professional development and training courses.

“At the end of the day, performance is what matters in marketing. Advertising campaigns through Feathr performed two times better than my average. That makes my decision to expand my usage of Feathr very easy.“
Ali Khan





KNect365, an Informa business, is the world’s largest events producer with several thousand events annually welcoming 150,000 delegates in over 70 countries. Under the umbrella of the Middle East Division, the Dubai office delivers leading events and professional development and learning programs throughout the Middle East.


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