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The Response: FSAE pivots to stay relevant in a COVID-19 world

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When COVID – 19 happened, no one expected the challenges and devastation that it has had, and continues to bring.  Floridians are used to a little chaos with frequent hurricanes, but recover always follows (short or long, but always an end and a recovery). 

With this Pandemic, every day has brought new challenges, pivots and (soon to be) recoveries in all aspects of FSAE's day to day activities and those of our members.  When we were all found unexpectedly working from home, furloughed, and, sadly for some - laid off, FSAE asked what their members needed most and tried to deliver quickly and resourcefully.  Looking to be the leaders in the Association Industry, FSAE continues to provide the resources to remain relevant to their members.

Hester Ndoja shares how FSAE is changing its member experience to match the changing landscape of associations, and what your association can do to follow their plan for success.

About Hester:

Hester has been with FSAE for 12 years and handles Membership Recruitment, Retention, and Sponsorships for the Society.  On the Foundation side – she handles fundraising, Online and Silent Auction, and overseeing the Foundation’s Grant program.  Hester loves working at FSAE because each day is filled with member interactions that keeps her on her toes!  She enjoys getting to know each and every member and finding out what makes them tick.  

Before working with FSAE, Hester worked with the Florida Association of Health Plans.  She was involved in every aspect of that Association - membership relations and recruitment, meeting planning, regulatory and legislative initiatives, as well as assisting in the creation of the Florida Association of Health Plans Foundation. 

When Hester isn’t fundraising and networking with Association Executives, she is busy being a mom to Alexander and Oliver.  The Pandemic created another level of work-life-balance (in more ways than one) when, like many, she had to PIVOT in an instant to become a full-time work-from-home employee, full-time teacher for the two boys, full-time maid, chef, friend/playmate, mom, and wife!  Who’s tired?

The Response is a live conversation with association and event industry leaders, who are navigating changes and cancellations, and adjusting their marketing efforts due to COVID-19.