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It's not a template. It's a framework. 

Together with Designmodo we adopted the acclaimed Startup Framework to work natively on HubSpot. The framework allows you create HubSpot pages and websites quickly and easily.

Think of it as a box of Legos pieces that you can assamble into many different forms. To assamble these lego blocks we provide an external editor called BRiX that you can now access right here.

Build your first page in 60 seconds. TRY IT NOW

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The Startup Framework for HubSpot is currently in beta. Check out our in-house learning docs that are built to help you along your journey. Visit the beta support page here.

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At InboundLabs we are quite the Slack addicts. We have created a Slack team that brings you real time support. Click here to create a bridge between our teams.

Professional Services

We have helped dozens of companies run professional implementations of single landing pages to full sites using the Startup Framework. Interested in learning more about our services? Contact us.

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Need to build another page? No problem, it's free. Just go back to BRiX (the app you used to build this page) and build another one. Start again here!


Join this 30-minute webinar to learn innovative ideas to help your association stand out from the crowd.


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How Digital Ads Can Fuel Your Next Fundraiser Webinar-Website-Thumbnail-Graphic-2

How Digital Ads Can Fuel Your Next Fundraiser

Learn how nonprofits of all shapes and sizes can run ads that increase online donations. 

Ads and Email Better Together Webinar-Website-Thumbnail-Graphic-1

Ads & Email: Better Together

Discover how ads and marketing automation tools can work together to support, enhance, and complement your email marketing efforts.

10 Digital Marketing Ideas for Nonprofits Webinar-Website-Thumbnail-Graphic-3

10 Digital Marketing Ideas for Nonprofits

Learn new and innovative ideas to help your organization stand out from the crowd.

ThumbnailAskfeathrep3 copy (1)

#AskFeathr | All About Digital Advertising

Our resident experts Ariana & Abhay take questions on digital advertising. 


Creating New Revenue with Digital Sponsorships

Learn how Clarion Gaming monetized their audience, supported their partners, and earned a 1,446% ROI with sponsored retargeting.


Practical Tips and Ideas for Marketing a Hybrid Event

Feathr president and co-founder discusses hybrid events — the unique marketing challenges and opportunities they present — and how to best navigate them.

Monetize Your Virtual Event with Better Sponsorship Packages

Monetize Your Virtual Event with Better Sponsorship Packages

Practical, proven strategies for monetizing your virtual event with virtual sponsorships before, during, and after your event.

Monetize Your Virtual Event

Monetize Your Virtual Event

Part two of this series offers specific recommendations on how to drive virtual sponsorship revenue during the event itself.

Retain Revenue After a Cancelled Event

Retain Revenue After a Cancelled Event

If you’ve cancelled your live event, or gone virtual, get ideas for retaining sponsor/exhibitor revenue and how to provide value to your partners.

Grow, Engage, and Retain Membership

Grow, Engage, and Retain Membership

Practical ideas (and examples) of easy, effective digital advertising tactics to attract new members while delivering value to existing members.

How to Market Your Virtual Event

How to Market Your Virtual Event

Learn our best practices for marketing a virtual event to maximize attendance, sponsorship, and engagement.

The Ultimate Marketing Plan for Virtual Event Promotion

The Ultimate Marketing Plan for Virtual Event Promotion

Learn tried-and-tested ways to promote your virtual event, using a multi-channel marketing campaign plan, and get actionable takeaways. 

Understanding Digital Advertising

Understanding Digital Advertising

Paid search, paid social, programmatic: oh my! Here we break down the staples of modern marketing channels and show easy tips for leveraging them.

How to Market Continuing Education Programs in 2020

How to Market Continuing Education Programs in 2020

Reignite excitement and participation around online learning opportunities. See how retargeting can boost course enrollments, especially during COVID-19.

Using Web Analytics to Drive Your Marketing Campaigns

Using Web Analytics to Drive Your Marketing Campaigns

In this short webinar, we talk about using analytics to drive your marketing – so you can stay on top of membership, virtual event attendance, and other goals.


Top 5 Ad Campaign Ideas for Retaining Members

In this upbeat 30-minute webinar, we cover ways you can stay front and center for your members, while addressing other challenges as they pop up.

Turning Event Pages into Registration Magnets

Turning Event Pages into Registration Magnets

Tune in for an informative session with Feathr CMO, Abhay Khurana. He covers conversion optimization principles and demonstrates how they work specifically in the context of event registrations.


Crash Course in Segmented Ad Targeting

Feathr Co-Founder & President Aidan Augustin, and Christine Cullity, Director of Marketing & Public Relations for CDS, deliver an informative and actionable webinar on targeted digital advertising.

Growing Your Membership & Attendance

Growing Your Membership & Attendance

Learn how AUA used nuanced segmentation to successfully expand its audiences and how they used Feathr to to boost engagement and event attendance. 

How New York Comic Con Keeps Fans Informed & Excited

How New York Comic Con Keeps Fans Informed & Excited

ReedPOP's senior marketing manager, Fallon Prinzivalli talks about the crucial post-reg/pre-event period, how they engage fans, and grow attendance with post-reg communication and data-driven tools.


Key Audience Segments to Automate & Engage Before Your Next Event

Feathr CMO Abhay Khurana's webinar covers misconceptions about segmentation, simple audience data you should be using to segment, and 5 key segments you can start with today. 


Five Things Successful Organizers Do to Create Referral Programs that Perform

Feathr CEO and co-founder Aleksander Levental explores how to develop a referral program that exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and other partners will reliably participate in.


How to Build Data Driven Marketing Campaigns

Leana Salamah, Executive Director at mdg shows off how she uses data to improve marketing – without expensive tools, hires, or corporate buy-in.


The Response | John Loftis

Learn how ACFE successfully took two large in-person events virtual and earned record attendance – all while continuing to charge for registration.


The Response | Hester Ndoja

Hear the story of how FSAE quickly learned how member needs changed during the pandemic and delivered new programs and resources to remain relevant.


The Response | Hadleigh Tweedall

Hadleigh details how Innovatis Group is redefining member experience in the virtual world, and answers questions about how to implement her tactics for your association.


The Response | Shana Thomas, part 1

Learn how Shana Thomas from Connex successfully pivoted their live event to virtual and promoted it in just seven days.


The Response | Shana Thomas, part 2

Shana Thomas shares her continued learning experiences and strategies on expanding Connex's virtual offerings.


The Response | Maddie Grant

Maddie Grant, a culture change consultant, shares her insights on the pandemic's impact on culture and learned lessons through her work with many associations.


The Response | Jonathan Pasky

Learn how Jonathan Pasky and DevNetwork launched a new virtual conference and expo series as part of their response to COVID-19.


The Response | Nicole Cardillo

When COVID-19 prevented CEW from hosting their signature events, they pivoted to webinars, virtual networking opportunities and increased editorial content.

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