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Digital Advertising for Nonprofits: Beyond Retargeting

Tues, Mar 30th & Tues, April 6 from 1:00pm–1:30pm ET

Parts 2 & 3 in a series of 30-min webinars to help nonprofits up their digital advertising game.

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What if we said there's an easy way to promote your cause all day, every day?

Whether you're looking to drive donations, grow events, recruit volunteers, or promote a specific program, the right combination of digital marketing tools helps your organization cut through all the noise online. In part one of this series, Aidan talked about using retargeting to bring web visitors back to your site. Over the next two weeks, he will break down other types of advertising that you can use to reach the right people with the right messaging.

Tuesday, March 30 at 1:00pm - 1:30pm
Get up to speed on other types of programmatic advertising, specifically geofencing, email list-matching, and lookalike audiences, which can help grow engagement with your website.

Tuesday, April 6 at 1:00pm - 1:30pm
Learn how paid search and paid social work, and how you can leverage them along with programmatic as part of a multi-channel strategy to maximize your organization's reach.

About the host
Aidan Augustin is the co-founder and president of Feathr, an industry-leading software company making digital marketing more accessible to nonprofits and event organizers. Feathr has helped over 800 nonprofits and thousands of events know, grow, and engage their audiences. When he's not steering the ship at Feathr, he's playing strategy games, singing karaoke, or reading books about people who changed the world.