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Is your credit union tracking results that matter?


See the real impact of your digital marketing and get clear ROI from your campaigns. Track conversions from ad impressions all the way to submitted applications. 


Trusted by leading financial institutions & associations

Automate your advertising to save time, money, & increase ROI

Reach people whenever and wherever they are online. Our tools give you insights about your website visitors, and let you serve highly-targeted ads to specific audience segments. 

Drive loan applications

Reach people with ads about the specific products they're interested in based on their browsing behavior and demonstrated interest.

Track conversions & get clear results

Increase your visibility into marketing performance with 24/7 real-time reporting, conversion tracking, and crystal clear ROI. 

Grow your membership

Leverage search keywords, lookalike audiences, and geofencing campaigns to increase awareness and gain new members.

Run dozens of digital advertising campaigns all under one roof. 

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Convert the 90% of your website visitors who leave your site without taking action. Did someone start an application and didn't finish? Use ads to remind them to complete it. 

Email Mapping

Do more with your email list! Use it to cross-sell products to existing members. 

Mobile Geofencing & more

Target an audience based on their location. Are you promoting student checking accounts? Target a specific university campus!

What our customers say

Betrice Cherry LI headshot

Beatrice Cherry

Vice President of Marketing, Florida Credit Union

“...in the last few years, [we’ve] dedicated more dollars to the digital area and it's just great to know that it leads to conversions... and on the backend, we are able to measure how many of those conversions became funded loans so really we're getting into calculating the true ROI.”

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