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Grow, engage, & monetize your event audiences

Event organizers use Feathr for attendee acquisition, referral marketing, and sponsored retargeting.

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Trusted by multinational publishing, business intelligence, & exhibitions groups

Powerful promotional tools & proven strategies for events

Programmatic Advertising

Automate your digital advertising and run highly-targeted ads on over 70 ad exchanges. Reach the right people, with the right ad, whenever & wherever they are online.

Referral Marketing

Make it easy for speakers & exhibitors to promote events. Create landing pages, emails, and social graphics that auto-populate with names, logos, booth numbers, & more!

Sponsored Retargeting

Monetize your audiences by offering retargeting packages to sponsors. Help them reach your audiences & provide real-time reporting that sponsors will love. 


Run dozens of campaign types & reach over 70 ad exchanges

Our tools give you insights about your website visitors, and let you serve highly-targeted ads to people based on their interests and behaviors with multiple campaign types including:

  • Retargeting
  • Email Mapping
  • Geofencing
  • Historical Geofencing
  • Pop-up Website Surveys
  • Keyword Search
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Facebook Email Mapping
  • & track other campaigns with Tracked Links
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Use retargeting for year-round engagement outside of your events or target those who started registration but didn't finish with cart abandonment campaigns. 


Email Mapping

Do more with your email lists! Run special ads to previous event attendees or even your list of unsubscribers. 

Geofencing & More

Geofence other events or locations with a similar audience. You can even run a historical geofencing campaign to reach people who attended events in the past! 

Automate the creation of collateral for speakers, exhibitors, & other partners

Make it easy for your event partners to promote for you! Create landing pages, emails, and social graphics that auto-populate with names, logos, booth numbers, & more!

Landing Pages

Increase registrations with custom landing pages that feature company logos, speaker headshots, and more all managed in our platform.

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Email Invites

Make an email template for your event partners to share with their audiences. 


Create banners, email signature graphics, and images for sharing on social media platforms. 

Create new revenue with sponsored retargeting

With a gross profit margin of ~80-90% and virtually an unlimited inventory, this form of digital sponsorship is a win-win for you and your sponsors. 

Sponsors get exposure to your extremely niche audiences, while you create net-new revenue with a sponsorship that's easy to sell and fulfill. 

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What other event organizers say


Tim Chambers

Marketing Director, Clarion Events

“In this rapid evolution of digitized marketing, marketers need an organized platform that allows for a quick and simple execution of completely custom campaigns. Feathr fills this niche beautifully.”


Sky Dailey

Senior Marketing Manager, Informa Markets

“Feathr has been a great partner to work with and has been a key element in our marketing mix and overall event success. The retargeting tool as well as exhibitor referral platform have provided us another avenue to both secure visitor registration and provide value for our exhibitors.”


Brittany Bucceroni

Director of Marketing, BizBash

“Feathr is an amazing tool, platform, and company! From setup to flight, the product is easy to use, the staff is extremely kind and helpful, and we've been able to reach our goals thanks to Feathr.”

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