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Grow, engage, and monetize your event's audience.

With an easy all-in-one solution for attendee acquisition, exhibitor referrals, and digital sponsorships.

Acquire attendees with powerful retargeting campaigns

Integrations with 85+ ad networks gives you the opportunity to retargeting your website visitors with advertising across the entire consumer web. Facebook campaigns extend that reach to the world's largest social network.


Turn exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers into vibrant advocates for your event

Influencer Marketing turns your exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, and other partners into powerful sources of referrals.

Create revenue beyond the square foot

Exhibitors don't care about space, they care about your audience. Sponsored Retargeting gives you the ability to offer targeted digital sponsorships to exhibitors and sponsors, getting them the valuable exposure they want. Partner Dashboards prove the value of each sponsorship with real-time reporting.


And do it all backed by a team that has worked with 500+ events

Getting started with new technology can be tricky, especially while balancing other priorities. Your personal Customer Success Manager makes it easy – guiding you through implementation, training, and usage to make sure that your event gets the most out of Feathr.


Feathr is an incredibly user-friendly tool that helps take the guesswork out of digital marketing.
Suzanne Pruitt, Urban Expositions
From setup to flight, the product is easy to use, the staff is extremely kind and helpful, and we've been able to reach our goals thanks to Feathr.
Brittany Bucceroni, BizBash
In this rapid evolution of digitized marketing, marketers need an organized platform that allows for a quick and simple execution of completely custom campaigns. Feathr fills this niche beautifully.
Tim Chambers, PennWell Corporation

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