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Expand your reach, further your mission.

Increase awareness, boost online donations, promote events, recruit volunteers, and ultimately do more good.

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Trusted by 1,200+ nonprofit organizations

Promote your organization, all day, every day.

Reach people whenever and wherever they are online. Our tools give you insights about your website visitors, and lets you serve specific ads to people based on their behavior. 

Build awareness

Get the word out about your organization and drive new visitors, donors, and clients to your website.

Engage your audience

Promote key programs, campaigns, events, and more with highly targeted ads. 

Get results

Whether you're recruiting volunteers or driving donations, run ads that encourage visitors to take action. 

Break through the noise with promotions that work.

Run all kinds of digital advertising campaigns all under one roof. 

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Convert the 90% of your website visitors who leave your site without taking action.

Email Mapping

Do more with your email list! Use it to run special ads to current and previous donors, connect with old volunteers, or even your list of unsubscribers.

Mobile Geofencing & more

Target an audience based on their location. Looking for student volunteers? Target a specific university campus! 

What our customers say


Jon DeCarmine

Executive Director, GRACE

"As a growing nonprofit, we didn’t really have a place for advertising in our budget, but after learning about Feathr, we’ve completely changed our outreach strategy and our relatively small investment has had a huge impact. Feathr has allowed us to reach new donors and volunteers in ways we didn’t even know were possible."


Nicole Rodriguez

Marketing & Communications Manager, American Epilepsy Society

"We have consistently grown our audience — and consistently had better and better results year-over-year because of Feathr. It's definitely worth the money. Ten fold."

Jared Arango headshot - ijm

Jared Arango

Regional Lead for Paid Media, International Justice Mission

“What’s nice about Feathr is that you can aggregate everything together in one platform and have a unified approach, which saves me a lot of time and strategy work. Having it all in one place to see overall results is really useful.” 

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