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The #AskFeathr Show: Digital Advertising Special Edition

Tuesday, February 9th | 11am EST

Tune in for a live Q&A with Feathr's resident digital marketing experts.

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Feel like your ad campaigns are missing something? #AskFeathr to help you fill the gaps.

Join Ariana, Abhay, and your peers for another Q&A session – this time focused on all things digital advertising.

Whether you're using Feathr for retargeting or running your own ad campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, or another platform, we're here to help you level up your advertising game to reach and convert more audience members.

We're ready to answer all of your best head-scratching questions, so ask us live when you tune in or send them in advance to abhay@feathr.co.  

Ariana Aragon has a proven track record of growing events and associations with strategic digital advertising, creative prowess, and entrepreneurial flair. In 2017, she founded Springful, a digital ad agency, which was acquired by Feathr in 2019. As Director of Implementation at Feathr, Ariana oversees the Implementation Services team which has grown to 17 full time employees and successfully fulfilled over 3,000 marketing campaigns. She launched her career at an early stage tech startup in Gainesville and has been involved in the city’s budding startup community since. When she’s not scaling events and associations, she’s ecstatically dancing, cooking curries, kayaking the wetlands of Florida, and rapping Hamilton lyrics.


Abhay Khurana is an experienced marketer, team builder, and digital advertising expert. As Chief Marketing Officer at Feathr, he’s singularly focused on solutions for the unique challenges faced by association and event marketers. In addition to leading the marketing efforts at Feathr, he is also the host of Feathr’s podcast: The Association Marketing Show. When he’s not chatting with customers or building lists in Asana, Abhay enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his family outdoors.