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How to Automate Your Digital Advertising Funnel


A simple & powerful advertising structure to help you maximize event turnout, membership growth, and more

Marketing funnel. It’s not just the latest buzzword. It is the best way to think about how your audience is connecting with you – and it’s also a great way to think about your advertising strategy. 

Creating and automating a digital advertising funnel helps you build awareness, nurture your digital audience, and drive conversions – all on autopilot. 

Watch the on-demand webinar for tips and strategies you can start using immediately. It covers:

  • • An overview of marketing and advertising funnels and how they apply to events & associations
  • • How to automate your digital advertising funnel to maximize conversions for any marketing goal
  • • Recommended campaign for each funnel phase, plus real examples that have delivered results


Your presenter:


Abhay Khurana, CMO – Feathr
As Chief Marketing Officer, Abhay oversees Feathr’s creative and performance marketing efforts, with the goal of delivering useful content to professionals in the event and association industries.