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How to Market Your Virtual Event (Webinar Replay)

Originally Aired 4/22/20 1:00PM EDT

A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Digital Attendee Acquisition and Engagement

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In the age of Coronavirus, event hosts around the world are looking to virtual events as an alternative to in-person gatherings, but there's nothing "virtual" about making this switch successfully.

Virtual events require a unique strategy and execution that even the most savvy event marketers can struggle to master. In this discussion, Aidan Augustin, Co-founder and President of Feathr, discusses best practices for building an effective marketing and communications campaign, citing examples of successful virtual strategies from real marketing teams and opens the floor up to attendees to share their experiences and ask questions. 

Watch this replay now to discover how to build an effective virtual event marketing strategy including...

  • A brief overview of digital campaign crafting and execution

  • Best practices and campaign ideas for targeting criteria, messaging, and ad creatives

  • Examples of real campaigns from Feathr customers