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Back to Basics: Using Web Analytics to Drive Your Marketing Campaigns

Aired July 29

A 30-minute lightning talk on how to use web analytics to drive your marketing.

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People are spending more time online than ever before... 

This was already true for 2020 pre-Covid, and now social distancing has increased this even further. If you're doing things right, this should mean that people are also spending a lot more time on your website.

As your association experiences this growth in online interaction with members and prospective members, it's important to have a clear picture of where your web visitors are coming from, what they're doing while on your site, and which ones are repeat visitors. 

In this quick, 30-minute webinar, we talk about using web analytics to drive your marketing – so you can stay on top of membership, virtual event attendance, and any other goals.

Tune in next Wednesday to learn:

  • How website analytics work
  • How they can help you do more effective digital marketing  
  • Advanced tactics for connecting  your website with your CRM, AMS or registration data