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ALA Grows Membership
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The Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) was founded in 1971 to provide support to professionals involved in the management of law firms, corporate legal departments, and government legal agencies. ALA connects and empowers its members by offering professional development opportunities, strategic operational solutions, and business partner connections.

With more than 8,000 members worldwide, ALA is always looking for opportunities to maintain its premier status and grow its member base.

The association used Feathr Ads to launch a series of campaigns geared at increasing non-member awareness of the association, with two specific objectives:

  • Gain new members
  • Increase non-member engagement with ALA’s website

Online visibility is a huge factor when it comes to gaining new members. We knew we needed to ramp up our digital presence to achieve the growth we were looking for, so we decided to launch a series of ad campaigns through Feathr."

- Sharon Leeds, Marketing Operations Specialist, ALA


To achieve these growth objectives, ALA’s marketing team used Feathr to develop and implement a two-part strategy:

  1. Drive new, qualified web traffic
  2. Retarget web visitors and bring them back to the site to convert

“Learning the Feathr dashboard was quick and easy compared to other platforms I've used, which took a lot of the burden off of setting up our campaigns. Plus the Feathr team was there to help whenever we needed it."

- Sharon Leeds, Marketing Operations Specialist, ALA

Driving Web Traffic With Keyword & Geofencing Campaigns

First, the team set up keyword campaigns to drive new, qualified traffic to ALA’s homepage and membership page.

For example, if someone looked up “legal management best practices,” they would then be followed with ads across the web encouraging them to join or engage with ALA. If they clicked on an ad, they would be directed to either the homepage or the membership page, depending on the relevancy of their web search query.

The marketing team also ran geofencing campaigns at two competing events – the LMA Annual Conference and CLOC. These events attract thousands of legal professionals from around the globe, so ALA decided a geofencing campaign was the perfect way to get in front of some new, relevant audiences.

This ad alone produced 75,358 impressions across the two events.

Event attendees who clicked on an ad were directed to ALA’s homepage, where they were presented with more information about the organization, including news, featured content, and educational offerings.

Whether someone abandoned the site immediately or ended up browsing more thoroughly, all web visitors were captured, which leads to the second piece of the equation – retargeting.

Converting Web Visitors Into Members With Retargeting

ALA set up two retargeting campaigns that ran simultaneously for just over four months – one campaign specifically retargeting people who had interacted with a membership-related page, and another retargeting all other traffic to the website.

Once a visitor interacted with a page on the site, they were followed by ads encouraging them to engage further. Whether these were visitors captured in a keyword or geofencing campaign, or through email, social, or another channel, the goal was to drive them back to the site.

This ad alone produced 40,311 impressions across both retargeting campaigns.

While the geofencing and keyword campaigns were focused on raising awareness and growing ALA’s digital audience, the primary goal of the retargeting campaigns was converting those digital leads into members.

In just four months, the retargeting campaigns have driven 938 of those leads back to the site and converted 9 new members.

“It can take a long time to acquire new members through traditional marketing campaigns, which are a heavier lift to begin with. We’re excited to see this level of growth in just four months from campaigns that are so easy to set up and maintain.”

– Teena Austin, Senior Manager of Member Services, ALA



Results & Next Steps

All of the ad campaigns were successful and produced immediate results, which made it easy for the marketing team to prove the value of the Feathr platform and of the campaigns it was running. Feathr’s reporting tools also helped the team see what was working and what wasn’t, so it could continuously improve existing campaigns and optimize the strategy behind new ones.

Here’s a breakdown of the overall results of ALA’s Feathr Ads campaigns:

  • 1,465 conversions
  • 585,549 impressions
  • $53,071 ROI

The total number of conversions includes a combination of three variables: (1) new digital audience members, (2) retargeted leads who clicked through to the site, and (3) new members. ALA assigned a monetary value to each of these variables when the campaigns were set up, which is how the ROI was calculated.   

Satisfied with the results so far, ALA is adding on some of Feathr’s other tools to take its membership growth to the next level. The team will use Invites to create partner marketing collateral at scale that speakers and sponsors will share online – boosting the association’s visibility among relevant audiences that it might otherwise be missing out on.

ALA will also use Landing Pages to increase conversions from its retargeting campaigns. Instead of sending people to a generic page when they click an ad, ALA will drive users to highly customized pages with compelling content on the benefits of becoming a member.

Using these tools together will not only increase conversions but will also give ALA a more holistic picture of its marketing strategy, with end-to-end campaign tracking and analytics.

“We’ve seen immediate results in terms of increased traffic to our website since launching our first Feathr Ads campaigns. We’re also pleasantly surprised at how low the cost has been compared to other experiences with target marketing and sponsored campaigns. Overall it has been an extremely positive experience.”
Sharon Leeds
Marketing Operations Specialist, ALA

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