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Inflight Briefing: 019

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Feb 8, 2023 3:24:54 PM
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Delivered weekly, the Inflight Briefing is designed as a blueprint for the builder and inspiration for the curious. It's for those of you doing marketing for good. 

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019: The Grammy Issue

There’s been a lot of talk since Sunday’s Grammys that Beyoncé was “ROBBED” of yet another Album of the Year award. But if it’s any consolation, Beyoncé now holds more Grammy wins than any other artist. Ever! 

I’m not going to weigh in on which album was better — I actually haven’t heard all of Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE, so it would be wrong for me to try to. But I am a huge fan of Harry’s House and the video for As It Was is worth a watch too. 

Harry Styles is a genius marketer. This helps explain a lot of his success. His fans connect with him because they believe the stories he tells through his songs. And he really lives it out too — it isn’t just a nice story. 

So, who are your fans? Do they know your entire song catalog? Do they believe the story you’re telling and has it become a part of their own stories?

- william (1)
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Snackable snippets 

Marketing lessons from Harry Styles 📖

Nonprofit marketers can learn a lot from the Album of the Year winner. Styles was the first male cover star for Vogue in their 128-year history, and he wore a dress for the shoot. Asad Shaykh, strategy director for Pride in London, said: “Harry leads by deeds; wearing the dress rather than just talking about doing it. It’s through action that he aligns with his beliefs — and that defiance is gospel for his fans.” His joyful approach to life and music are contagious, and he always keeps his fans and the media guessing about what’s coming next while remaining true to himself. 

A new era of positive psychology 🎥

One of the quickest ways to happiness is through giving. This means that nonprofits and fundraisers are in the business of making people happy — not only those you serve directly but also the people that you partner with to make an impact! Martin Seligman breaks down ways that psychology is working toward making everyone a bit happier, and by better understanding your community and audiences, you can strive to delight them while partnering with them toward making the world a better place.

How Awe can save the world 📖

While we’re on the subjects of happiness and music, psychologists are studying the impact awe can have on a person’s wellbeing. The major finding; “To experience awe, to fully open ourselves up to it, helps us to live happier, healthier lives.” Are there ways that your organization can invite community members into moments of awe? Are you experiencing awe in your life, and are you extending that experience to others?

Nonprofit Marketing Unplugged — Rewind 🎧

That’s a wrap! Season one of the Nonprofit Marketing Unplugged podcast has come to an end. And in this episode the Feathr team — including Emily Purvis, Noah Barnett, and me, William Henry — take a walk down memory lane and highlight some of key takeaways from the last 12 amazing episodes. Keep your seat belts buckled because we cover a lot of ground fast!


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In the news

LinkedIn has released a Nonprofit Resource Hub on the platform. For those nonprofits looking to find new staff, board members, and volunteers while leveling up their content game and expanding their audience, this is a resource to save to the bookmarks bar.

Twitter is trying to rope back some advertisers this upcoming weekend. The Super Bowl Weekend has been a historically profitable weekend for the platform, and this year there’s a “Fire Sale” where companies can receive $250,000 in free ad space when they spend as much in Twitter advertisements.

With the crypto sector in freefall from scandals, layoffs, and bankruptcies, expect this Super Bowl ad experience to feel like the past — boozy — except with one big twist. Heineken and Marvel have teamed up to promote Heineken 0.0, an alcohol-free option. Expect other non-alcoholic drinks to have a big game too.

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Something for your inspiration folder


This song should have been considered during the Grammy’s as I’m awestruck by its power to stay firmly planted within my head. Also, there’s no guesswork about the brand that it’s referring to. So listen at your own peril.

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