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Nonprofit Marketing
Feathr | Marketing is Good.

Feathr's nonprofit marketing platform helps you run and report on integrated marketing campaigns with easy-to-use advertising, email, and digital engagement tools.

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Feathr | Nonprofit Marketing Platform

Trusted by 1,500+ growing nonprofits

Our Software

The Nonprofit Marketing Platform

Identify your community


70% of people say that how well a company understands their individual needs impacts their loyalty.

Understanding your people – the ones you know and the ones you should – is the first step in building a vibrant community.

Feathr gives you unprecedented visibility into the interests and activities of your supporters or members, plus direct access to new audiences that align with your mission.

Feathr | Segmentation

Reach people where they already are


Organizations that run integrated marketing campaigns see 200% better results.

Feathr lets you run omnichannel marketing campaigns to reach your people with personalized messaging wherever they choose to spend their time.

Whether that’s their email inbox, scrolling social, or wandering the web – they'll see you there and stay engaged. 

Feathr | Smart Send Email

See your results, show off your success


"Is our marketing working?"

This is a question that typically goes unanswered or is met with channel-first metrics like reach or clicks.

With Feathr, you get real-time reports that showcase your marketing's impact and ROI across audiences and channels.

See how your campaigns are performing, and make adjustments quickly to improve results. Plus easily send pre-built dashboards to leadership next time they ask: "Is this working?"

Feathr | Insights

Simplify your workflow


Whether you’re a solo marketer, a team of two, or a team of 10, Feathr helps you streamline your day to day.

Seamless integrations let you keep Feathr aligned with all of the tools your organization uses, which equals better collaboration with other teams and more nuanced data to inform your marketing. 

Built-in templates, email automations, and unlimited seats and storage then make it easy to run integrated marketing campaigns in one unified platform.

Feathr | Integrations

Start building stronger relationships with your community through Feathr's purpose-built marketing platform.


We help you do more Good



Feathr is designed with you in mind, from built-in best practices to integrations that keep your marketing aligned with your mission.

Many of our team members have nonprofit backgrounds, so we understand the challenges and can help you apply the strategies we’ve seen work for thousands of organizations like yours. 

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