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Join the Feathr Flock

Feathr is a fast-growing digital marketing software company that helps events grow their audiences and revenue. 


What Feathr Does

Our mission at Feathr is to continuously create strategic and financial value for our customers, employees, and investors by becoming the industry leader in providing product, service, and education to live event organizers that allow them to create better and more engaging experiences for their customers. We believe that thoughtful and innovative use of data and technology by ourselves and our customers is key to achieving our mission.

Perks? Yea, we have a few.

The Feathr Flock is a hardworking and devoted group, so in turn, Feathr works hard to provide a fun and supportive culture, valuable benefits and all the unique experiences we can come up with! We invest in our team’s professional development and we believe in the phrase “Work hard, play hard!”


Competitive salary

We base our salaries on the high end of market rates, when available. We expect the best from our employees and gladly reward them accordingly.

Health & Wellness

Fully covered health, vision, and dental insurance. 16 gym "credits" per month that you can use at local fitness centers. Unlimited sick days + 20 PTO days

Professional Development

Each department is given an education budget for team members to use towards courses, conferences, training programs, etc.

Snacks Galore

We have a fully stocked snack rack, monthly food trucks, and Florida Beer Fridays! 

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We love your animals

Our offices are dog-friendly. So bring your pooch in to join you at work.

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Amazing location

We're located in downtown Gainesville, near parks, restaurants, and night-life. The University of Florida campus, and all of its great facilities are also within walking distance.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in Feathr for ALL: Diversity and inclusion is a top priority for Feathr. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.

In our workplace, all are respected, treated fairly, and can feel safe and heard. Feathr is always looking for someone that will be an addition to our culture, not a fit.

Our People & Culture

Our culture doesn’t just attract amazing people, it amplifies their abilities and helps them do their best work. We put just as much importance on our culture and values as we do job performance. So, what makes someone “Feathr-y”?

Feathr is a customer-centric organization, which means we work to align all our teams around our customers and provide what they need to be successful. We look to bring people into the flock that are service-minded, motivated, collaborative, down-to-earth, problem solvers. We look for humans that live up to the Feathr PACTS.

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Am I incrementally improving something or delaying perfection?

Think simply. Feathr should be easy to use, easy to work for, and easy to love!


Am I staying in my comfort zone as opposed to learning and communicating what is necessary to solve the real challenges?

Feathr is a group of smart, self-motivated people that have the discretion to move the company forward.


Is my audience understanding what I’m communicating?

Clear communication is about seeing beyond our own experience and context.


Am I being sincere and trusting others to do the same?

They call it the "Golden Rule" for a reason... Treat others how you want to be treated.


Am I expecting more from myself than others?

We created a cheat code for our team: Customer > Team > Individual

Ready to apply?

Check out all of our currently open positions to apply.

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General questions or inquiries? Email us at careers@feathr.co.
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