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Join the Feathr Flock...
from anywhere!

We're building an amazing culture at Feathr, where amazing people (like you) can do their best work.

If you're ready to grow and "help the helpers," all on a 4-day workweek, you've come to the right place!

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What is Feathr?

Feathr’s Nonprofit Marketing Platform equips our customers with the tools needed to build purposeful connections with their community and grow impact with confidence. 

At the core of Feathr's purpose is "helping the helpers."

Our nonprofit customers are driving critical impact in our communities, and we provide a digital marketing platform for them to share their stories and connect with their audiences.

But doing good isn’t just for our customers-

It’s also about our people.


Who is Feathr?

Feathr believes in offering an employee experience that acknowledges the challenges of real life.

That allows for flexibility when something unexpected comes up.

That amplifies the voices of people who care the most.

And helps make life a little easier to manage.


Where  is Feathr?

Feathr's Nest is located in Gainesville, FL (home of The Gators!).

While we love, appreciate, and give back to our surrounding community, our Flock members aren't located in just our hometown.

Feathr supports Flock members across the U.S., located in Eastern and Central timezones.

Be sure to check the job post for more location details specific to the role you're applying to.


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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Feathr



We believe in Feathr for ALL - diversity, equity, and inclusion are a few of our top priorities. We steward Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) through our policies, our DEI Working Group and monthly meetings, and an attitude of celebration of all individuals and identities that make up our Flock.

We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.

Feathr's Interview Process note

As a part of our commitment to creating a fair, equitable, and positive interview experience for all candidates, we offer full transparency of our interview stages to give applicants an idea of the time and effort involved.

Additionally, each interview stage consists of standardized questions and rubrics with a scoring system to ensure a consistent and fair assessment practice of all candidates.


Thriday arrow
noun. thri • day

1. last day of a 32 hour week, commonly used by by companies that value a work-life balance.

"Oh boy, it's Thriday at Feathr! Gotta figure out what to do during my 3-day weekend."

Yep, you read that right- it's not too good to be true. Feathr Thridays could be your reality soon.

Feathr Perks and Benefits

The Feathr flock is a hardworking and devoted group of humans, so in turn, we work hard to provide a supportive environment that values culture, benefits, and unique experiences.



4 Day Workweeks
Feathr operates on a 4 day workweek. We work on average 32 hours a week, Monday through Thursday.
Health and Wellness
Feathr offers fully covered vision and dental insurance, and 99% covered medical insurance. All employees are eligible to receive a wellness credit every month for any item of their choosing, from gym memberships, to meditation apps, to therapy.
Time Off
In addition to the 52 Fridays off, Flock members receive Vacation Time, Unlimited Sick Time, Service Time Off, and Extended Wintr and Summr Breaks, 12 weeks paid parental leave.
Professional Development
Flock members receive an annual professional development credit to use towards courses, conferences, certifications, training programs, etc.

But hey, don't take our word for it- hear directly from our Flock

"Feathr's superpower is finding balance between being a high-growth tech company and putting employees first. We have lofty goals, but Feathr equips employees to accomplish them in 4 business days. And that doesn't mean you're tied to your computer that entire time; there's still ultimate flexibility to balance family needs + physical & mental health at all times."
Kimberly Bottom
Associate Director of Sales
"It is a great company to work for that has done a phenomenal job of creating a healthy workplace and fighting toxic workplace values. I don't have to stress about asking for time off or needing to take a sick day. I know I can count on my coworkers to help out when I need it. I am not judged for being my authentic self. I know that the work I do every day matters and has a direct impact on company goals and outcomes. All in all, I absolutely love it here. After hopping from toxic workplace to toxic workplace, Feathr is a needle among the haystack. I rave about Feathr to everyone I speak to. I plan to be here for a long time, and encourage others to apply and see what Feathr is all about."
Maggie Hendel
SalesDev Operations Manager
"I've been here for 5 years, and over all that time amid explosive growth and the growing pains that come with it, Feathr has always worked as hard as it can to make sure it takes care of its employees and provides a solid work-life balance."
Jeff Rose
Senior Account Director
"My life changed after having a baby. The standard office situation made me feel unbalanced. The hours before 8 and after 5 with my daughter were not great hours. I felt I was missing a lot. I wanted to find a professionally relevant situation where I gained time with my child while also maintaining full-time benefits... Feathr has checked off every box for giving me more time with my child and growing my skillset, while also supporting my other role as a mother."
Coral Lafferty
Jr. Digital Campaign Strategist
"I love the flexibility provided by being part of a distributed workforce. It allows me to provide my family with a unique living experience when we decide to travel and work from somewhere else."
Omar López
Software Engineer and Project Lead

Feathr's PACTs



Our culture doesn’t just attract amazing people, it amplifies their abilities and helps them do their best work. We put just as much importance on our culture and values as we do job performance. So, what makes someone “Feathr-y”?

Feathr is a customer-centric organization, which means we work to align all our teams around our customers and provide what they need to be successful. We look to bring people into the flock that are service-minded, motivated, collaborative, down-to-earth problem solvers. We look for humans that live up to the Feathr PACTS.

Think simply. Feathr should be easy to use, easy to work for, and easy to love!
We seek out smart people who are motivated to move the company forward.
Clear communication is about seeing beyond our own experience and context.
They call it the "Platinum Rule" for a reason... Treat others how they want to be treated.
We created a cheat code for our team. Customer > Team > Individual

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