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The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

AMCP drives event attendance and revenue with Feathr – seeing 9x ROI along the way.


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About AMCP

The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy is the nation’s leading professional association dedicated to increasing patient access to affordable medicines, improving health outcomes and ensuring the wise use of health care dollars.

  • Hosts 2 national meetings each year
  • Has more than 8000 members
  • Has more than 50 staff
  • Is headquartered in Alexandria, VA

Problem & Goal

AMCP came to Feathr with two main goals in mind, both related to their AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting that took place in April of 2018.

  1. Increase event attendance
  2. Increase event revenue.

Plan of Action

Holly Abrams, Director of Marketing for AMCP, decided to come to Feathr to help her attain her growth goals. It became clear that Ad Targeting was the product for Holly and AMCP because of its ability to help convert website visitors into registrations through retargeted advertising across the internet.

Holly knew that 90% or more of website visitors (that's people who already know about and engage with you!) do not convert when they visit – and that retargeting is the solution for getting in front of them across the web and driving them back to register.

How We Did It

Holly ran a variety of segmented retargeting campaigns with Feathr like:

  • Last-chance registration campaigns targeting website visitors
  • Geo-targeted campaigns targeting people in the area of the event
  • Content specific campaigns targeting website visitors

She also tested dozens of ad creatives – from your standard meeting overview creative to creatives with the statue of Paul Revere! That variation allowed Feathr’s algorithms to test and optimize her campaigns.

AMCP ad examples

Some of the creatives Holly used in her Feathr retargeting campaigns


Feathr advertising campaigns drove a total of 1,146,286 impressions. Those advertising campaigns drove 1,326 registrations at a $3.64 CPA. Overall their ROI on their investment in Feathr was more than 9x.

  • Impressions: 1,146,286
  • Conversions: 1,326
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA): $3.64
  • ROI: 9x
“Feathr has been an impressive tool in furthering our outreach and recruitment for AMCP meetings. And we feel like we have just scratched the surface. Looking forward to our next event!”
Holly Abrams
Director, Marketing at AMCP

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