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It’s Time to Stop Thinking About Your Event as Just a Three Day Affair

Your event experience can (and should) go on all day, every day.


Imagine running an event that didn’t start or end. Imagine an event that just continued all day, every day, for the entire year.

Sounds exhausting, right? Absurd even. What if I told you that this is exactly what you should be doing?

Now, I’m not talking about booking the Baltimore Convention Center for twelve months and having daily sessions, meals, and exhibitions. But what I am talking about is breaking the idea that your event only lasts for a few days.

It doesn’t. Your event lasts all year.

Why? Because your most valuable asset – your audience – lasts all year.  You can engage and monetize your event audience all year by changing your thinking and your approach to event engagement.

Of course your audience still exists after that final session, the closing cocktail party, and even after they fill out your post-event survey. But are you giving the amount of time and attention to digital monetization of your audience the other 362 days of the year? If you're like most industry leaders, probably not.

And it’s natural. This is how the event industry has operated for hundreds of years. This is the model that achieved your current success. This is the business of live events, of face-to-face. You have to provide an amazing in-person experience, which is no small feat. That deserves attention. But if all of your attention is focused there, you are leaving money on the table.

“But the event is where we have access to our audience,” you say. “That’s where we can get our sponsors and exhibitors in front of them.” That’s true. You do have access to your audience at the venue.

But you also have access to them digitally. And through digital, you can get to them 24/7, 365 days per year. And for each of those days the average American adult is online for six hours.

Think about it. If you asked any sponsor or exhibitor if they would like to also get in front of your audience before and after the event, do you think you’d ever hear a no? You wouldn’t.

That’s because whether it’s at the event or not, your sponsors and exhibitors want to get in front of your audience. That’s the key.

How are you facilitating that transaction? And how are you monetizing it?

One of the reasons we built Feathr was just for this - to help event organizers capture and monetize their digital audience before and after the event.

And there’s good news: this digital event monetization works. As an example, Reed’s ISC West used Feathr to generate $50,000 in purely incremental digital sponsorship revenue. Not bad.