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Topics: News, Product Update

We're always hard at work making new things (and making old things better). Check out the latest Feathr updates and features in this article, and be sure to subscribe to the Feathr blog so you can always get the latest news flying in as soon as it arrives. 

There's a theme to this set of updated features: Ease. Of. Communication. We've made some handy changes to the way you message Partners, as well as some improvements in contact list importing. Read on to learn about it.

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Chances are, you know how many donations came through your website down to the exact dollar amount… but have you ever spent a sleepless night thinking about the ones that got away? What about all those people who started donating but got distracted, lost internet connection, or remembered they were late for a meeting?

Cart abandonment campaigns can help you lure (or remind) your prospective donors to come back and complete their donation.

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Topics: Product Update

We're excited to announce several cool new features, campaign types, and other changes that make it easy to centralize more of your efforts in Feathr and meet your marketing goals for 2022. 

As always, if you have any questions about these updates or want to upgrade your license to access even more features, connect with your Customer Success Manager.  

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We’d like to give a big shout-out to our amazing customers who were featured last year in ASAE’s Associations Now, a publication that covers all aspects of association leadership and operations. 

Throughout 2021, Associations Now highlighted organizations that have used Feathr to grow membership, event attendance, virtual programs, advocacy campaigns, and more.

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We encounter marketing materials everywhere we go. We see advertisements on TV, read about the latest sales in email, and see new products while scrolling through social media platforms. 

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Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing, a home decor item, or a goofy “While Elephant” holiday gift from an advertisement you saw on social media? Or, maybe you’ve heard an announcement on your local radio station discussing an upcoming concert and immediately went home to purchase tickets. We’ve all been there!

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