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Modernize & unify your marketing services

Association management companies deliver top-notch digital marketing services that get results and keep clients coming back — year after year — with Feathr.


Trusted by association management leaders

Powerful digital marketing tools & proven strategies for associations


Programmatic Advertising

Automate your digital advertising and run highly-targeted ads on over 70 leading ad exchanges. Reach the right people, with the right ad, whenever & wherever they are online.


Referral Marketing

Make it easy for speakers & exhibitors to promote events. Create landing pages, emails, and social graphics that auto-populate with names, logos, booth numbers, & more!


Sponsored Retargeting

Monetize your audiences by offering retargeting packages to sponsors. Help them reach your associations' audiences and provide real-time reporting that sponsors will love. 



"As Feathr’s digital marketing tools are uniquely designed for the needs of associations and industry events, they are a strategic partner for AMCI and the ideal platform for association management companies interested in driving growth for themselves and the associations they represent." Tina Wehmeir, CMP, CAE - AMC Institute, CEO


Run dozens of campaign types, all under one roof. 

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Target ads to people based on their interests and browsing behavior on your website. Convert the 90% of visitors who leave your site without taking action.

Email Mapping

Do more with your email lists! Use it to run special ads to lapsed members, previous event attendees, or even your list of unsubscribers.

Mobile Geofencing & more

Target an audience based on their location. Recruiting new members for a teachers association? Target a school campus or teachers conference! 


Create new revenue with sponsored retargeting

With a gross profit margin of ~80-90% and virtually an unlimited inventory, this form of digital sponsorship is a win-win for your associations and their sponsors. 

Sponsors get exposure to extremely niche audiences, while you create net-new revenue with a sponsorship option that's easy to sell and fulfill.


Feathr Mark-White-500x (1)Let us manage your promotions. 

If your team is strapped for time or resources, we’re here to help! Our team has run hundreds of campaigns designed to help associations engage members, increase digital sponsorship revenue, and grow their online audiences.

Leverage the collective buying power of your associations
& repeat what works.

Meet with an AMC specialist to explore your organization's needs, see Feathr tools in action, and learn about our special pricing for AMCs.  

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