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Topics: Digital Marketing, Webinars

Webinar Replay - The Modern Event Marketer's Toolkit Part 2: Analytics


Who has enough hours in the day to make their events bigger, better, and more personalized? How do successful modern events cater precisely to their audience's needs while also meeting growth and attendance goals year after year? 

The answer, as you probably already know, is data. Knowing your audience is the key to growing your audience. But merely collecting data has never been enough. To make your valuable data work for youinstead of the other way around—you need good analytics.

The topic of analytics can be overwhelming. That's why we hosted this webinar, the second in a series covering real-life uses, examples, and recommendations for event marketing and analytics technologies. 

Watch the replay to learn:

  • What digital analytics are and how they can and should integrate into your event plans.
  • Why analytics can streamline your workflow and how analytics tools actually work.
  • Our recommendations for analytics tools that suit your unique needs.
  • Simple ways to use analytics without data taking over your life.
  • And much more!