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ASIS International's
Global Security Exchange

Using Feathr for the second year, ASIS International earned nearly 1,300 conversions and an impressive 33x ROI for its GSX show.


Total Impressions







About ASIS International

Founded in 1955, ASIS International is a global community of security practitioners, each of whom has a role in the protection of assets: people, property, and/or information. Its members represent virtually every industry in the public and private sectors, and organizations of all sizes. From entry-level managers to CSOs to CEOs, from security veterans to consultants and those transitioning from law enforcement or the military, the ASIS International community is global and diverse. ASIS International headquarters is located in Alexandria, VA.

GSX Show by the numbers:

  • 20,000 global registrants
  • Attendees from 113 different countries
  • 550 Exhibitors
  • In its 64th year, but 2018 marked the first year of the rebranded GSX name

Problem & Goal: Attendance and Revenue Growth for a Rebranded Event

ASIS International already puts on one of the premier security shows in the industry, but in the heart of every event organizer is a drive to grow their events year after year. In 2018, ASIS International also had a unique challenge: a rebrand of its event to GSX, the Global Security Exchange. Wanting to make a big first impression with the rebranded event, ASIS International's marketing manager Jessie Wolfe reached out to Feathr looking for ways to reach new audiences, grow attendance, and increase revenue for GSX 2018 without significantly adding to her team's work burden. According to Jessie, one of Feathr's most appealing aspects was the potential to modernize ASIS International's marketing strategy by incorporating website advertising. 

As it turns out, she came to the right place. 

Plan of Action: Take Advantage of the Full Suite of Feathr Products

Feathr Customer Success Manager Anna Rosato helped Jessie and her team develop a multi-faceted strategy using Feathr to advertise GSX to ASIS International's website audience. As Feathr veterans (2 years counts as a veteran in the startup world!), ASIS International stepped up its use of Feathr products beyond just Ads. With Anna's help, ASIS International integrated nearly the entire Feathr suite of products, using Ads, Invites, and Monetization.

Feathr customers that see successful results with Ads are usually eager to incorporate more Feathr products into their marketing strategy because each Feathr product amplifies the effectiveness of the others, moving and working together like a flock of starlings.

How They Did It: Robust Display Campaigns, Partner Invites, and Digital Sponsorships

Starting 6 months ahead of the event, Jessie and her team began running retargeting campaigns advertising GSX. ASIS International ran 10 diverse campaigns, following Feathr's best practices of:





A few examples of ASIS International's comprehensive campaign creatives for GSX 2018.


Jessie's team also took advantage of Feathr's Invites product. Invites offers event partners branded and customizable landing pages, enabling them to advertise their involvement with the event to their own audience, multiplying the number of prospective attendees Feathr customers can reach.

Feathr Invites can build hundreds of customized landing pages with a single setup, meaning next to no additional work for Jessie's team. The landing pages are conversion-optimized, enabling event partner audiences to easily register for the event via each partner's referral portal. For GSX, ASIS International provided branded landing pages to event speakers, who could then choose how they shared the page to their audiences.

 Screen Recording 2018-11-27 at 04.17 PM

An example of an Invites partner referral page from GSX 2018. Infinitely sharable, customizable, and scalable, they are the perfect free collateral for event partners to promote their involvement in your show.

Monetization: A "Found Money" Add-on for Event Partners

In addition to Ads and Invites, Jessie and her team utilized Feathr's Monetization product, which enables exhibitors and other event partners to advertise their exhibits, products, and content to ASIS International's online audience. Such "digital sponsorships" are a simple and affordable way for Feathr customers to open a new revenue stream and connect event partners with qualified prospects.

One particularly successful use case for Monetization is booth awareness. Monetization partners can run display campaigns to the event organizers' audience with any message they choose, but a booth awareness campaign is an excellent way of ensuring booth traffic to boost an exhibitor's ROI for the event.

For GSX 2018, ASIS International offered partners Monetization packages in sets of 100,000 impressions. That's 100,000 pre-qualified sets of eyes on GSX's partners' messages, a no-brainer value for exhibitors and a "found money" revenue stream for ASIS International. Here are some examples of GSX partner creatives from booth awareness campaigns:

       Hr7VFXBKRgq8lX6x1oLr_Square_Arcules  kqUO77HOQV24ukSA4UWI_gsx-banner-ads-03c  pHDtExZATHiP4T3x6DNO_HerosBlue-300x250

ASIS International's Monetization campaigns earned its event partners nearly a million impressions and opened a lucrative new revenue stream. Monetization packages can be sold as an addition to sponsorship packages (digital sponsorships), or as a standalone, year-round opportunity for event partners to continue advertising their products and services to the event's web audience long after the event is over.

Learn more about the many benefits of Monetization here


ASIS International's well-rounded campaigns for GSX 2018 earned a healthy 2,000,000 impressions. In total, Feathr campaigns earned nearly 1,300 registrations for GSX, at a $9.82 CPA. In all, ASIS International earned back 33x what it spent on Feathr ad campaigns alone. That doesn't count the additional revenue generated from Monetization. Looks like ASIS International's future with GSX and Feathr is more secure than ever.

  • Impressions: 2M
  • Conversions: 1,296
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA): $9.82
  • ROI: 33x

If you'd like to see what Feathr can do for your events and see a personalized walkthrough of the platform, request a demo today. For more customer stories, visit feathr.co/customers.

“Feathr has been a wonderful tool to help market our event and get our brand in front of new attendees. The company continues to innovate and we have had incredible success utilizing each new tool that Feathr has come out with. We have even expanded our use of Feathr in the last 2 years beyond marketing for our event--we are now using it for attendee acquisition, promotion of our certifications, and marketing for our education programs.”
Jessie Wolfe
Marketing Manager, ASIS International

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