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This year more than ever, your members are looking to you for stability, thought leadership, education and more – and it's vital for you to deliver in these areas.

In this upbeat, 30-minute webinar, we'll talk about some of the top ways you can stay front and center for your members, while also leaving time to address other challenges as they pop up.

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The Response

Join us for live conversations with association and event industry leaders, who are navigating changes and cancellations, and adjusting their marketing efforts due to COVID-19.

Aired July 2nd

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Prior to COVID-19, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) held more than 50 in-person trainings across the globe. In April, they were challenged with moving the ACFE Fraud Conference Europe to a virtual platform in 3 weeks. The day after the conclusion of that event, they decided to move the ACFE Global Fraud Conference, which typically draws more than 3,400 attendees. With a shortened marketing timeline, the virtual conference is on pace for record attendance.

Aired June 25

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When COVID – 19 happened, no one expected the challenges and devastation that it has had, and continues to bring.  Floridians are used to a little chaos with frequent hurricanes, but recover always follows (short or long, but always an end and a recovery). 

With this Pandemic, every day has brought new challenges, pivots and (soon to be) recoveries in all aspects of FSAE's day to day activities and those of our members.  When we were all found unexpectedly working from home, furloughed, and, sadly for some - laid off, FSAE asked what their members needed most and tried to deliver quickly and resourcefully.  Looking to be the leaders in the Association Industry, FSAE continues to provide the resources to remain relevant to their members.

Aired June 18

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Innovatis Group has put their community members at the center of every decision driven by the current pandemic. Through launching new content opportunities, providing additional resources for connection, and maintaining local networking and educational events, Innovatis Group has adjusted to the current landscape by maintaining one key component: a  positive member experience.


In this interactive interview, Hadleigh will go into detail as to how Innovatis is redefining member experience in the virtual world, and answer your questions about how to implement her tactics for your association.

Aired June 11

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In our second episode of The Response, we talked to Shana Thomas, Director of Global Events Technology and Marketing at Connex, where she shared how their 950 member association went from a canceled live event to a successful virtual event in just seven days.

Now, Shana's back and talking about what she sees as the virtual road ahead and how their recent successes have led them to go even bolder. You won't want to miss it!


Aired June 4

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Maddie’s work with associations revolves around culture change - which is usually a slow process (the current buzzword is digital transformation, which she likes to say is just culture change + vendor selection). 

The pandemic has exponentially accelerated culture change for all associations and she’s excited to share some of the impact and learned lessons in her work with the American Society of Plant Biologists.

Aired May 28th

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DevNetwork launched a new virtual conference and expo series, DeveloperWeek Global. Their upcoming event June, expects over 3,000 attendees, and has been dubbed the world’s largest virtual developer and engineering conference.

They also launched a new webcast, the Dev Professional Series, with stories on engineering and technical best practices from a host of sponsor companies.

Aired May 21

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In an effort to overcome the new obstacles that the 2020 pandemic has presented, Connex launched a micro-event series called Emerge. The Emerge events aim to connect all facets of the multi-site community and connect visionary FMs and suppliers to innovate and create solutions. This event series will include a five-day virtual tradeshow, monthly townhalls and networking events.

Out of crisis, Connex will emerge with strength, resiliency and passion to embrace change and address the challenges ahead.


Aired May 13

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Cosmetic Executive Women, Inc. (CEW) serves over 10K global members by providing timely industry information. When COVID-19 prevented CEW from hosting their signature events, they pivoted to webinars, virtual networking opportunities and increased editorial content.

Given the business climate, CEW removed paywalls to provide free access to both members and non-members. This increased awareness and engagement for CEW.

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