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Special Guest Presenter:
Mallory Erickson


Unsiloing: The Power of Integrating Fundraising and Marketing Principles

As a fundraiser for 13 years, I never understood the relationship between marketing and fundraising. All I knew was that the more I started to learn about the principles of marketing, the more my fundraising results improved.

There is a lot of talk in our sector about where marketing ends and fundraising starts, but the real power is in understanding how we take the best from marketing and fundraising and deeply integrate them to improve donor acquisition, relationships, and retention. Many fundraising and marketing strategies are the same and need to be deeply integrated.

Join us to learn why marketing can't be an afterthought for fundraisers and why we need to step outside the titles of the job to see what's possible when we work together.

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Special Guest Presenter

Mallory EricksonMallory Erickson is an executive coach, fundraising consultant, and host of the podcast What the Fundraising, aimed at supporting nonprofit leaders to fundamentally change the way they lead and fundraise.

Through her signature framework, the Power Partners Formula™️, Mallory provides unique tools to help nonprofits fundraise more from foundations, corporate partners, and individuals. She has trained over 40,000 fundraisers using her unique win-win framework, which combines best practices from executive coaching, science-backed behavior design, and fundraising strategy. If you want to feel differently about fundraising as well as clear and excited about your next steps, Mallory’s work is for you.

Find out more at: malloryerickson.com/powerpartners 
IG: @_malloryerickson
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mallory-erickson-bressler/
Podcast Host: What the Fundraising