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The State of
Nonprofit Marketing


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In a landscape that's constantly evolving, how do you ensure your nonprofit not only survives but thrives?


Our latest report, The State of Nonprofit Marketing: 2024, is your strategic guide to help tackle today's challenges and anticipate future trends and opportunities.


Why this report is a must read

This report covers how to:

  • Navigate complexity with confidence: Learn proven strategies to drive growth amid economic changes and tightening data privacy laws.
  • Drive engagement and revenue: Discover how personalization, segmentation, and automation can enhance your marketing strategies and lead to increased revenue generation.
  • Adapt to the digital-first imperative: From the impact of AI to changing donor demographics, find out which tools and approaches are essential for the future.

Nonprofit marketing is not just a support function — it's at the heart of your mission. With The State of Nonprofit Marketing report, explore the knowledge and tools to effectively engage across multiple channels, drive meaningful connections, and reach unprecedented growth.


Download your copy today to leverage the latest insights, supercharge your marketing strategies, and amplify your results. 


Leveraging innovation and insight for nonprofit growth in 2024

In an era marked by rapid shifts in economic landscapes, changing donor behaviors, and evolving legal frameworks, the 2024 edition of The State of Nonprofit Marketing offers a deep dive into how organizations can thrive despite these complexities. Join our upcoming Feathr Live session as we explore actionable insights and the latest trends shaping nonprofit marketing today.