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Send personalized ads and messages. Encourage prospects, attendees, or members to take action.

Intelligent Display Advertising

Increase registrations with automatically optimized cross-device advertising campaigns.

Extensive Ad Network
Feathr integrates with 85+ ad exchanges letting our display campaigns access 95% of the consumer web on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
Smart Optimization
Automatically optimize the placement, bid, and timing our your campaigns with built-in auto-optimization.

Integrated Facebook Campaigns

Easily sync Segments and launch Facebook campaigns from Feathr.

Segment Syncing

Easily sync and target your Feathr-built Segments in Facebook.

Facebook Campaign Launcher

Quickly launch, measure, and optimize Facebook campaigns from the Feathr platform.

Referral Campaigns

Increase referrals by providing each sponsor, speaker, and exhibitor
personalized, beautiful, and trackable marketing assets.

Referral Emails
Provide your partners with a one-click interface for sending marketing emails to their audiences.
Referral Banners
Beautifully designed, co-branded ads that your partners can put on their website or in their email signatures to promote your event.
Referral Pages

Create and share personalized landing pages with every partner in just a few clicks.

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Partner Tools & Analytics

Give each partner a dashboard they can use to access and customize all of their assets.
Track the performance of each partner across each asset you give them.

Partner Dashboard

Let your partners customize, use, and manage all co-marketing assets related to your events.

Partner Analytics

Clearly understand which partners are using which assets. Reward those who are participating and nudge those who haven't yet.

Tim Chambers Testimonial
"In this rapid evolution of digitized marketing, marketers need an organized platform that allows for a quick and simple execution of completely custom campaigns. Feathr fills this niche beautifully."
Marketing Manager, PennWell