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Raiser's Edge NXT + Feathr

Forget about manual import hassles. Feathr stays in sync with your CRM, automatically updating key contact information on your donors.

Run hyper-targeted marketing campaigns with the help of enhanced data about each individual audience member, such as lifetime giving amount, event registrations, or most recent donation. 


Why nonprofits choose Feathr and Raiser's Edge NXT

Make your donors feel seen

People are unique and they like when it's recognized. Segment your messaging based on their individual behaviors, interests, and needs to drive the best engagement your nonprofit has seen.

  • Sync donor status to trigger a new donor welcome series.
  • Combine donor data, like number of gifts, with digital engagement data to get even more specific with your campaign targeting.
  • Personalize marketing content based on donor interests.

Simplify your marketing efforts

Automate your marketing campaigns across email, social, and advertising channels. When you sync your donor data into Feathr, your campaigns dynamically adjust to put people into the right campaigns for their needs.

  • Automatically remove new donors and event registrants from acquisition campaigns.
  • Send a followup email to people who visit your event registration page but don't sign up.
  • Run donation anniversary ads that automatically target people one year after they gave, encouraging them to make it a tradition.
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Surround them with your message.

Create a powerful omnichannel experience for each your donors – potential, current, or past. Reaching them across channels and devices with hyper-relevant messaging will make them more likely to engage with your cause, give more, and stay loyal over time.

  • Serve ads on social and across the web based on email engagement or page visits.
  • Send emails based on ad clicks, form-fills, or other behavioral or demographic data.
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