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Sell, fulfill, and track digital sponsorships.
Generate new digital revenue.

Sponsored Retargeting

Give your sponsors the opportunity to retarget your digital audience across the internet.

Extensive Ad Network
Give your sponsors broad, reliable opportunities to get their message in front of your digital audience. Sponsored Retargeting campaigns are fulfilled across 95% of the consumer internet.
Year Round Value
Allow your sponsors to get year-round access to your audience on websites across the internet – even when your event is not top of mind.

Estimate your ROI from Retargeting

Try our Monetization ROI Calculator to get a personalized estimate of how much Feathr's Digital Monetization could earn for your next event.

Sponsor Analytics

Prove the value of your digital sponsorships.
Give your sponsors the access and visibility they want. 

Sponsor Dashboards

Give sponsors an easy way to view all of the digital sponsorships they have purchased from you – including their start and end dates, package sizes, etc.

Live Campaign Reports

Let sponsors see real-time progress and results for each of the campaigns they have purchased.

Feathr’s monetization alone brought in enough additional revenue to pay for EASTEC’s use of the Feathr platform.
SME & Feathr Case Study