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Informa Markets gains 919 attendees with a 59x ROI

Feathr Ads & Invites for SupplySide West

informa supply side west

The challenge

With an extremely broad selection of products, services and sectors, SupplySide West’s market is vast. In order to maintain growth year after year, the team at Informa Markets needed to reach more professionals in the health and nutrition industry, and earn new registrations.

The solution

To reach a wider audience of health and nutrition professionals, SupplySide West’s marketers used a twofold approach: they ran a variety of retargeting campaigns to increase awareness and leveraged referral marketing to reach their partners’ niche audiences.


With over 17k attendees and 1.3k exhibitors from around the globe, SupplySide West is one of the largest gatherings of professionals in the health and nutrition sector. The event showcases over 10k products and includes niche markets from dietary supplements to functional food and specialities like sports nutrition innovation.

According to Informa Markets’ senior marketing manager, Sky Dailey, the event "has achieved tremendous growth and success over the years, but we knew there were even more opportunities to increase engagement.”

To create greater awareness about the event and convert more attendees, Laura Feroce, a marketing specialist on Dailey’s team, ran a series of programmatic retargeting campaigns with Feathr Ads. In the months leading up to the 2018 event, she ran multiple teasers, updates, and event reminders that led to 681 new registrations. 

As a first time Feathr user, Feroce faced the challenge of learning and using a new tool. After onboarding and spending time with their account’s dedicated customer success manager, Vivienne Rohan, she mastered the platform quickly; and knew she could count on Vivienne for support when needed.

With minimal training, Feroce used Feathr’s self-serve platform with great success — success that did not go unnoticed. That year, Dailey’s team was nominated for a prestigious award for their efforts and achievements promoting the SupplySide West.

Expanding reach through exhibitors

In addition to the retargeting campaigns, Dailey’s team used Feathr Invites to create co-branded marketing collateral for over 300 exhibitors. The magic of Feathr Invites is automation.

Instead of creating collateral for each partner individually, users create templates — for emails, landing pages, and banner ads — which then auto-populate with logos and data from spreadsheets like booth numbers, discount codes, website urls, and essentially, any and all data provided. 

The ability to create collateral once and scale it for their exhibitors made starting a referral program a simple process for Dailey’s team. Additionally, "Feathr Invites took the burden of content production off SupplySide's partners, which made them much more willing to help promote the event,” said Dailey. “They got some free, nice-looking marketing materials to share with their audiences, and SupplySide got tons of extra registrations as a result of the increased exposure. A total win-win," he added.  

Through this new referral marketing program, Dailey’s team met their goal of reaching new, niche audiences through their exhibitors. Beyond purely creating awareness about the event, the program secured an additional 218 attendees.




Total revenue


Net profit


ROI from Feathr Ads & Invites

Feathr has been a great partner to work with and has been a key element in our marketing mix and overall event success. The retargeting tool as well as exhibitor referral platform have provided us another avenue to both secure visitor registration and provide value for our exhibitors.

Sky Dailey, Senior Marketing Manager - Informa Markets

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