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ATPE replaces ad agency with Feathr and earns 892 new members


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Oct 14, 2020


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After years of working with an advertising agency, ATPE was frustrated by the lack of insights they were getting. Ultimately, they wanted more involvement in their campaigns without fully bringing all of the work back in-house.


In 2019, ATPE stopped using an ad agency, signed up with Feathr and used our Implementation Services team to both directly control their ad campaigns and get the executional support they needed. To date, they have earned 892 new members and $123k in revenue.

With 100,000 members and counting, the Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE) is a large organization with a small marketing team. And as many small but mighty marketing departments do — they outsourced their digital advertising to an agency.

While the agency was certainly providing decent results and monthly reporting, ATPE’s marketers were largely missing out on the data and the opportunities to learn from it. For marketing and communications director, Kate Johanns, the lack of insight bothered her. “I was frustrated by the lack of transparency… it was hard for me to see the actual impact. I was seeing a lot of numbers, but not a lot of granular data,” she recalled.

After learning about Feathr, she booked a demo and made the bold move to leave their agency behind and use Feathr and its Implementation Services for more of a hybrid approach. This way, ATPE gets help creating and launching their campaigns but with total transparency and 24/7 access to the data through the Feathr platform. 

As a self-proclaimed “numbers person” Johanns now says she happily checks her Feathr report nearly every day. “I love clicking on the flights that people take, seeing where they saw their ads, and how many hours or days it took them to convert.”

So far, their campaigns have earned 892 new members, generating $123k in revenue. One campaign in particular, which only ran for 28 days, drew 230 new members.

Between a dedicated Customer Success Manager, Implementation Services, and a self-serve platform that reaches over 70 ad networks — ATPE is getting the best of both worlds. Their team has professional support running campaigns, the freedom to run their own, and of course, all the data. 

The coronavirus shuffle

At the start of 2020, ATPE began promotional efforts for several important initiatives, namely growing its membership and reaching upcoming educators. With COVID-19 cases surging in the United States, ATPE was forced to approach their membership drive differently. 

Johanns claims that, “once covid shutdowns hit, we were able to use Feathr to transition our campaigns to reach an educator environment that was hungry for information and at home. While we couldn’t geofence conferences, because they simply weren’t happening, we were able to drive traffic to our COVID-19 educator resource page…” 

According to Johanns, Feathr was especially instrumental in adjusting their strategy because, “we had to limit our ground game... typically, our volunteers and staff are out attending events… that has not been as possible this year with limited in-person events, so Feathr has been a great augment to our membership efforts.”


ATPE used retargeting ads to grow membership, promote continuing education courses, COVID-19 educator resources, and more. 

Beyond growing membership

ATPE is also utilizing retargeting for their critical advocacy work. While ATPE does not endorse candidates, they do interview candidates and collect information about their stances on education. Their ‘get out the vote’ campaign is designed to target educators in Texas, arm them with information, and get them to turn out to the polls. 

“What I love about Feathr is the ability to be hands-on with my digital advertising... to have a platform where I can set up geofencing, lookalike audiences, email lists, retargeting, all of that on my own, is incredible. It puts the world of digital marketing at my fingertips.”
Kate Johanns




Founded by educators for educators, ATPE is the leading educators’ association in Texas and the largest independent educators’ association in the United States. As a member-owned and member-governed professional organization, ATPE serves Texas teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators and all public education employees and fights for schools on the local, state and national levels.


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