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How The NTL uses Feathr to promote events


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Apr 3, 2024


Ticket Sales


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The National Trial Lawyers (NTL) had some experience running Google Ads and social media campaigns to promote their events, but they wanted access to more marketing channels and better conversion tracking in a simplified way. 


The NTL began using Feathr's marketing platform to run a variety of lead generation, nurture, and conversion campaigns. For their 2024 annual summit, these new efforts drove 163 registrations and put The NTL in front of 188k new potential members and attendees.


The National Trial Lawyers (NTL) is a leading organization that hosts various events and educational opportunities for lawyers across the United States. The NTL sought to optimize their marketing efforts to reach both existing and potential attendees, so they adopted Feathr's marketing platform to have access to more channels and better tracking and reporting.

Jean Kendall Dodson, digital production coordinator at the NTL, uses Feathr to generate prospective attendees through expansion campaigns like search keyword, email mapping, affinity targeting, and more.

She said, "Lately we're trying to start doing more of the lead generation campaigns so that we can expand to people who haven't heard of us yet. We actually just finished an affinity campaign for our upcoming January event, where we did one of the third-party lists of people whose job title is 'attorney.'" 

Further down the funnel, she nurtures warmer leads with retargeting and cart abandonment campaigns to push them to complete their registration. Jean understands the importance of tailoring her marketing to where someone is in their journey with the organization, and she works closely with the graphic design team to ensure that each prospect, attendee, and member sees the most relevant messaging for them.

"I try to make sure when I'm requesting graphics from our graphics team that if it's a colder audience, if I'm doing lead generation, that I am specifically asking them to do creatives that are targeted toward people who may or may not have heard about our event," Jean explained. "So this would be very general things such as sharing some of the benefits of our event, like 'you can get this many CLE credits for coming' or 'we have this many vendors,' you know, general things like that. And then once we get later in the funnel, I try to make sure they're being targeted to people who have already shown interest. They already know what the event is."

Automating segmentation with Flights

When it comes to how she organizes and reports on her marketing campaigns, Jean relies heavily on Feathr's marketing templates called Flights, which allow her to visualize her efforts in a holistic way that centers her audience and their individual needs. She explained that having Flights helps her differentiate between people who have never heard of the event and people who know what it is but haven't registered yet.

Flights also make it easier for her to share marketing performance with other stakeholders at the organization. "They're more invested in the overall investment and results versus each individual campaign's performance, and I've just found this to be a really good way to get a big picture," Jean said.

Driving $247k in registrations to annual summit

The NTL used Feathr to promote its 2024 National Trial Lawyers Summit, an annual gathering that provides attorneys the chance to improve their trial and business management skills while also growing their network in the industry. 

Jean ran a combination of geofencing, lookalike, affinity, and search keyword campaigns to expand her audience of potential attendees. The result? 188,170 new people who were now aware of the summit and all of its benefits.

She also ran a variety of retargeting campaigns geared at highly specific segments of her audience, like those who had interacted with a promotional email or people who visited the registration portal but didn't finish signing up.

Overall, Feathr helped The NTL generate 163 registrants and $247k in revenue from those ticket sales. 

“I’ve found it to be very user-friendly and easy as far as campaign setup, figuring out how to set up the reports, send out the reports, segmenting the data, whether that be the audience you want to target in retargeting or the goals you’re setting with conversions.”
Jean Kendall Dodson

Digital Production Coordinator, The National Trial Lawyers



The National Trial Lawyers seeks to promote excellence and foster diversity in the legal profession through advocacy training, networking and education of trial lawyers. Specialty associations by The National Trial Lawyers are composed of the premier trial lawyers from each state or region, and this invite-only membership allows access to high-quality networking, case referrals and CLEs. Learn more at https://thenationaltriallawyers.org/ 


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