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PSTA secures 13 memberships through a single email in Feathr


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Nov 1, 2022


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South Carolina organization, Palmetto State Teachers Association (PSTA), now the largest educational association in South Carolina, has been serving classroom teachers since 1976.

Though memberships were consistently increasing through positive word of mouth and effective print marketing campaigns, they knew they needed to expand in the digital space to reach more of their available audience.

Teachers associations talk

At national conferences, Craig King, director of teacher leadership at PSTA, talked with his counterparts, asking about their digital solutions.

One name that popped up more than once was Feathr.

King said, “The bonus of having a good product is being able to have people be your ambassadors that you’re not necessarily paying. And so for us, our first interaction with Feathr was through current customers at other teachers associations.”

How to find the time

After jumping in with Feathr, PSTA decided to begin their digital efforts with an email campaign targeting lapsed members. The only limiting factor was time.

“I had so many other things going on,” King said. “And I would tell myself, ‘I’m going to get to it. I’m going to get to it.’ And then I finally got to a place where I started being more engaged in the marketing process. And that was the good thing about Feathr — they were doing all the work.” 

When PSTA got started on Feathr, they also decided to add on a Services package, which allowed them to spend little time building and reporting on their digital marketing efforts. This was something they could hand entirely over while they focused on their real work: serving teachers in South Carolina.

King said, “When I get asked, ‘Hey, Craig, what’s the update on Feathr?’ I can look. I can pull up the report. I can tell them about the clicks, and follow that per user and gather the ROI and all those great things.”

Speedy results

Through a single email, PSTA has been able to secure 13 memberships for $1,937 in total dues. And this is just the beginning of their digital efforts.

King said, “You all need to make a children’s book about the super pixel because it was so cool to learn about how we can follow visitors to our website. And now we can just log in and see exactly who signed up based on our campaigns.”

“That was the good thing about Feathr — they were doing all the work.”
Craig King




Palmetto State Teachers Association was organized in 1976 to give South Carolina teachers a choice of professional associations and has grown to be the largest association for educators in South Carolina.


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