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Monetize Your Virtual Event - During the Event

Previously, we talked about some ways to drive sponsor revenue before & after your virtual event...

In this webinar, we wrap up this topic with some specific recommendations on how to drive virtual sponsorship revenue during the event itself.

With this big pause on in-person events, you might be finding that some of your sponsors are uncomfortable with virtual sponsorships – after all, they're more used to the challenges (and rewards) of at-event sponsorships and booth space.

However, digital sponsorships offer tremendous new opportunities for your sponsors to get in front of your virtual audience and for you to keep earning sponsor revenue during these difficult times.

Learn how to:

  • Create and sell compelling at-virtual-event sponsor activations that address the priorities of brand awareness, lead gen, and thought leadership
  • Offer advanced, limited-access activations to key sponsors
  • Use gamification to increase attendee engagement with sponsor activations

 Watch part one of this series here