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Monetize Your Virtual Event with Better Sponsorship Packages

With live events on hold, virtual events have emerged as viable alternatives for attendee engagement and education.

But successfully monetizing a virtual event is still a huge challenge.

At-event sponsorships and booth space are things that sponsors and exhibitors are comfortable with. Virtual sponsorships and exposure are, in some ways, much less comfortable territory for sponsors.

But virtual events and digital sponsorships do indeed provide excellent branding, thought leadership, and lead generation opportunities for sponsors.

In part one: Feathr provides a breakdown of several ways that you can create, package, and sell virtual event sponsorships to continue to drive value for your sponsors and revenue for your organization.

In part two: we wrap up this topic with some specific recommendations on how to drive virtual sponsorship revenue during the event itself.

With this big pause on in-person events, you might be finding that some of your sponsors are uncomfortable with virtual sponsorships – after all, they're more used to the challenges (and rewards) of at-event sponsorships and booth space.

However, digital sponsorships offer tremendous new opportunities for your sponsors to get in front of your virtual audience and for you to keep earning sponsor revenue during these difficult times.