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Webinar Replay

Ideas for retaining sponsor & exhibitor revenue from a cancelled/postponed event

The COVID-19 outbreak has canceled or postponed hundreds of events ...

...creating myriad challenges for event & association teams to navigate. A key one is this – how can events continue to deliver sponsors, exhibitors, and partners the value that they expect without the actual live event? And, as a result, how can events retain the sponsor and exhibitor commitments that they've received?

We don't think that blanket refunds are the answer. Specifically because that does not solve the problem that your partners came to you to solve in the first place. There are better answers.

Watch our webinar replay to discover:

  • The steps to take and offers to make before discussing sponsorship refunds.
  • How you can use digital sponsorships to deliver sponsor value and retain sponsor commitments.
  • How to quickly train your sales staff so that they can confidently explain and offer digital sponsorships to your partners.