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Webinar Replay

Understanding Digital Advertising in a COVID-19 World

With more people online than ever before, now is the time to talk about digital advertising... 

Aidan Augustin, President of Feathr, walks you through the three main categories of modern digital advertising and explain both how they work and where they best fit into your marketing funnel. He shares examples from Feathr customers as well as from other industries, and a few best practices to consider implementing in your own marketing plan.

In addition to the different types of targeting criteria, Aidan reviews the different types of ad inventory available and the creative ad units that can fill them (display, video, native; mobile vs desktop; static vs animated vs dynamic, etc).

Expect to leave this webinar replay with: 

  • A more holistic understanding of the different types of ad targeting commonly used today.
  • Sample ads and campaign flows to help inspire and guide your own marketing efforts.
  • Actionable tips to leverage ads for different use cases during these tough times and beyond.