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Powering the World’s Events



Leverage data from your website or ad campaigns to send personalized email that speaks directly to your attendees at a 1 to 1 level


Welcome new attendees, recover abandoned event registrations, reengage with sponsor and exhibitors…all from the same platform.

Send Emails your audience wants to open

Simplify  •   With Feathr’s new email mapping feature, uploading, managing, and collecting valuable insights about your email audience has never been easier.

Notify  •  Custom templates, custom rulesets, and custom analytics help you get your message in front of the right people, right when they need to see it.

Amplify  •  Grow your audience the right way by increasing deliverability and engagement with Feathr’s industry-leading data insights.

"Overall attendance was up, but also the quality of attendee was so much higher than in previous years. It was astounding to hear what the exhibitors were saying about the leads they got, the conversations they had, and the connections they made."

Amanda Krigner - Senior Digital Marketing Specialist | EASTEC


KNect 365

KNect365’s Ali Khan used Feathr to generate a 5x return on his advertising spend.

Access Intelligence

Access Intelligence’s Pepper Coe turns event speakers into valuable word-of-mouth referral partners with Feathr.

HD Expo

HD Expo’s Jennifer Yarber drove $68,000 in registrations using Feathr.