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Powering the World’s Events


Look-a-like targeting

Easily reach new attendees who are likely to be interested in your Event because they show interests or behavior similar to your best attendees, exhibitors, or sponsors.

Do more...in less time

Manage your social ads in the the same award-winning platform that manages online ads for over +750 worldwide events. Navigate seamlessly between your online ad and social ad campaigns, while gaining a cohesive picture of how they perform and impact one another.

Access the power of Social to expand your reach

Reach your audience  •   Now you can be where your audience is, seamlessly reaching them with your message.

Expand your audience  •  Discover potential attendess, exhibitors, or sponsors that have yet to engage with your Event.

Measure your audience  •  With the Feathr dashboard, your campaign performance metrics are tracked comprehensively in one place, allowing you to make adjustments and visualize your success.

"Feathr empowered me as the marketer for OilComm. Not only could I see a clear path to boosting attendance, but the platform was super easy to use – allowing me to be self-sufficient and run my campaigns as often as I needed to. Plus, I could see the results of the campaigns in real-time."

Sherry Oommen - Senior Director of Marketing | Access Intelligence


KNect 365

KNect365’s Ali Khan used Feathr to generate a 5x return on his advertising spend.

Access Intelligence

Access Intelligence’s Pepper Coe turns event speakers into valuable word-of-mouth referral partners with Feathr.

HD Expo

HD Expo’s Jennifer Yarber drove $68,000 in registrations using Feathr.